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This Week in Princeton History for August 7-13

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a member of the Class of 1858 pays for tuition and fees, a false report of a war ending causes confusion, and more.

Reading Gender in Children’s Literature Mathematically: An Award-winning Thesis

For her senior thesis, AnneMarie Caballero ’23 went through more than a thousand children’s books published during the 19th century and analyzed the pattern of topics in relation to the gender of protagonists.

Dear Mr. Mudd: Have There Been Any Princeton Students Who Went to Prison for Serious Crimes?

Dear Mr. Mudd, Have there been any Princeton students who went to prison for serious crimes?

Jingle All the Way

Bring on the color, fun, decorations, and wheels...the jingle trucks are here! Author Hinna Shahid visited our library's story time, and brought her two fantastic books to share: My First Jingle Truck, and Riding on a Tuk Tuk (Vah Masti LLC, 2022).

This Week in Princeton History for July 31-August 6

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a professor helps Albert Einstein get a message to the Roosevelt administration, an alum plans a celebration in honor of the new Constitution, and more.

Studio Snapshots: Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Recently, I had the pleasure to meet Rodrigo Morlesin and preview his fantastic new book Luna Ranchera. The illustrations are BEAUTIFUL...full of color, life, emotion, and charm.

This Week in Princeton History for July 24-30

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a professor’s nickname raises eyebrows in Boston, a campus visitor is surprised to see someone throwing a telegraph pole around, and more. July 25, 1867—The Boston Post reports, “The Princeton students call Prof.

Elvis in Princeton

Some meetings are written in the stars! A few weeks ago, we were wrapping up a story time when I noticed a gentleman carrying a stuffed dog around the gallery.

This Week in Princeton History for July 17-23

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, fears of violence turn out to be unwarranted, a student is bewildered by the behavior of the locals during a visit from the U.S. President, and more.

Fashion and Beauty in Barbie Novels from the early 1960s

Look for vintage clothes for Barbie from the1960s and you’ll find more ensembles that can fit in the closets in her dream house.  Search for reviews of the pioneering novels about the girl who is the living doll and you’ll …

The Church at Princeton, Part II: The Members of TCAP

This is the second installment of a two-part series on the Church at Princeton. The first appeared last week. By Christina Cho ’24 Last week, I covered the life of Najib Nicholas Khuri ’82, founder of The Church at Princeton (TCAP).

One Headache to Rule Them All

Going on an adventure? Might want to grab an extra bottle of Tylenol before you step off the Shire! We tested the "Lord of the Rings: Shadows Over Middle-earth" escape room by Exit the Game...and it didn't quite work out for our merry gang!

This Week in Princeton History for July 10-16

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a crime against a young alum draws national attention, an activist lambastes Princeton students, and more. July 10, 1993—At Fort Bragg, Lt. Lisa Bryant ’93 turns down multiple invitations to dance with Sgt.

Illustrating Summer Before Central Air Conditioning in Children’s Books

Before the dog days bring on the summertime blues, let Cotsen transport you back to the simple pleasures of a nineteenth-century summer that were celebrated in English and American toy books (well, seaside vacations were probably not so simple for …