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. . . This otherness, this “Not-being-us”

In one small corner of the world, both the poem Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery (1927-2017) and the Arion Press limited edition of Mirror, published in 1984 on the poem’s ten-year anniversary, are so well-known that some would find it shocking that Prince

The “Down South Kitchen” and Family Life in Princeton University’s Isabella McCosh Infirmary

When I wrote about the myth of slave quarters in Princeton University dormitories, there wasn’t room to tell you about the service workers who did sleep under the same roof as Princeton students for half a century.

She Does Her Own Stunts

Once upon a quarantine, a father of two decided to haul a plastic ride-on car into the house.

This Week in Princeton History for February 15-21

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, the Class of 1899 dons mourning clothes, protesters urge an end to sweatshop labor, and more.

Save the date: Transgender webinar

Kyle Lukoff and Luciano Lozano, Call Me Max (New York, NY: Reycraft Books, 2019). Cotsen Childrens Library.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beatrix Potter

Contained within the unassuming binding above lies a secret treasure trove of Victorian ephemera.

Japanese sketches donated

Six nineteenth-century pen and ink sketches, drawn on five sheets by an unidentified Japanese artist, were generously donated to the Graphic Arts Collection by Alfred Bush, former curator of the Princeton Collections of Western Americana.

Purvis Young, “People Whit Something To Do”

“Perhaps the most famous painter to ever come out of Florida,” writes Deirdra Funcheon, Washington Post 1/8/2020, “Young had depicted the struggles and joys of Miami’s poor black community and was branded an ‘outsider artist’.” When he died in 2010, he left 1,884 works of

Hop-O’-My-Thumb Boxing Night

Drury Lane Christmas Pantomime, Hop O’ My Thumb, Boxing Night. [London, ca. 1864]. Ink and watercolor on paper. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2021- in process Not all our students know that “hop-o’-my-thumb” (or hop on my thumb) is a reference to a very small person.

Claridad = Clarity

In a joint acquisition between Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Studies and the Graphic Arts Collection, Princeton University Library recently acquired the first 98 issues (out of 140) of Claridad, a periodical published by the Federación de Estudiantes de Chile from 1

Stash House

Eric Avery and Susan Mackin Dolan, Stash House Folio, 2020. Linocuts on hand made paper in linen hinged folio cover. The interior house view is printed on paper made by Susan Mackin Dolan.

Totally Random

Writers! Get ready for something TOTALLY random, because this handy-dandy machine, constructed out of a simple pasta box, could house the perfect prompt for your next story. Pull the cardboard tab, and your prompt will drop out, ready to be elaborated upon!

Paperback Cover Art by the Stars

While organizing the paperback chapter books in their own bookcase at home the other week, I was looking at the cover art and found five novels by well-known writers whose the publishers commissioned cover illustrations by the best talent.

Selina Bracebridge’s Panoramic Sketch of Athens

  These days, answering some reference question can be easier done online with pictures than in multiple emails.