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New & Notable

The New Gypsy Fan

The New Gypsy Fan ([London, ca. 1795]). Approximately 26.7 x 46 cm open. Graphic Arts Collection GA2020. in process.   The Graphic Arts Collection recently added a late-18th-century fortune telling fan to the growing collection of printed fans in our library.

Pikoenelojo Stencil (Maurice Huenún)

In the fall of 2019, protests began in Chile’s capital, Santiago, in response to an increase in the subway fares, as well as general cost of living and social inequality.

Griffins are the GREATEST

A baby griffin needs lots of care, attention...and hamburgers! Luckily, our story time kids were more than up to the task. This cuddly companion was part of To Be Continued, our chapter book story time for kids ages 6-8.

Woodblock printed wallpapers

For those not following the BlocksPlatesStones discussion on color woodblock printed wallpaper, a video was mentioned that is worth 10 minutes of your time this week: Originally posted in 2014 by the Zuber & Cie factory in Rixheim (Alsace), France, the video takes you

Famous Wood Engravings

In the spring of 1903, Harper and Brothers offered for sale a set of wood engravings that had been commissioned by the magazine, now repackaged in portfolios of limited edition art prints.

This Week in Princeton History for June 8-14

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, thanks are offered to Harriet Crocker Alexander, an anonymous donor offers the colony of New Jersey funding for a …

Print Council of America

  The Print Council of America (PCA) has enlarged its website with additional scholarly resources you might find helpful in teaching and for personal use. The pages are freely accessible to everyone.

Teaching with images

When teaching with images, don’t forget the obvious.

The “Fanaticism” Frederick Douglass Found in the Columbian Orator

The thirteen-year-old Frederick Douglas put down fifty cents for a copy of Caleb Bingham’s The Columbian Orator, which had been first published in 1797.   He described the anthology both as “a rich treasure”  and as a source of fanaticism because …

Black Lives Matter

This week it’s hard to concentrate with the continuing inequities in the United States so blatantly exposed.

The Search for Gold: A Treasure Island Virtual Escape Room

Avast mateys! The Dread Pirate Katie has developed a new virtual escape room. It begins with a discovery in the attic, and where does it lead? TREASURE me hearties!

This Week in Princeton History for June 1-7

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, John Witherspoon’s marriage is celebrated, a sophomore writes to his father about an upcoming election, and more.

Elsa Dorfman

Jorge Luis Borges at the Midget Restaurant, 1970s.

Chauncey Bradley Ives’ Noah Webster

After Chauncey Bradley Ives (1810–1894), Bust of Noah Webster, ca.1840. Plaster cast. (ex) 4766. Gift of Mrs. Theodore L. Bailey.

Visiting Laurence Hutton and others

Drama critic, journalist, and collector Laurence Hutton received an honorary Master of Art degree from Princeton University in 1897, where he returned to lecture in English from 1901 until his death in 1904. He is buried in the Princeton cemetery.