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Course Projects

In collaboration with the Center for Digital Humanties, the department also offers support and services for long-term course projects. The examples below were either designed specifically for class assignments or resulted from course visits to Special Collections.

  • ABC Books: An Archive of Alphabet Books
    • Designed specifically for the use of students in ENG 385: Children's Literature, ABC Books is a digital archive of historical alphabet books from the Cotsen Children’s Library at Princeton.
  • Transcribing the West: Gold Rush & Overland Diaries and Letters, 1849-1877
    • Transcribing the West is a student-based transcription project held in conjunction with the Department of History undergraduate course, History of the American West, taught by Professor Martha A. Sandweiss. The project began during the 2014 Spring Term with the digitization of sixteen gold rush and overland diary and letter collections. To date, students of the course have transcribed more than 375 pages. The aim of the project is to provide keyword search functionality for the digitized collections.
  • Mapping Expatriate Paris: The Shakespeare and Company Lending Library Project (MEP)
    • MEP is a digital humanities project, sponsored by the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) at Princeton University, that examines the Lost Generation using the documents, books, and memorabilia in the Sylvia Beach Papers in the Department of Special Collections (RBSC) at Princeton’s Firestone Library. MEP grew out of a graduate seminar taught by Professor Joshua Kotin in 2013.  During a course visit to RBSC, Jesse McCarthy, a student in the seminar, suggested that the Shakespeare and Company lending library cards would make an excellent dataset for a mapping project about the Lost Generation and interwar Paris. In the spring of 2015, Princeton’s CDH awarded Kotin and McCarthy a one-year grant to digitize the lending library cards, and develop display and access tools.