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Mudd Library Digitization Guidelines and Price List

The Seeley G. Manuscript Library offers a variety of digitization services which vary by type of material and product needed. Princeton University and the Department of Special Collections value providing access to the materials that we steward both in person and via our digitization services. In order to meet the needs of all, policies and procedures must be instituted that allow for effective and equitable service to all users.

Please Note: The Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library will be undergoing an extensive renovation that will begin in March 2020 and is expected to conclude in January 2021. Visit our website for the latest information on the availability of our collections during that time.  In February 2020 we will cease regular digitization services in order to prepare the collections for the move. 

Requests for any type of digitization are evaluated by staff and approved based on material format, physical condition and any applicable restrictions.

Digitization orders that include a cost must be paid prior to digitization. Payment is accepted via Special Collection Research Accounts or a Princeton University Chart String. Materials will be digitized within 3-5 business weeks; larger orders are subject to longer processing times. Materials will be uploaded to the finding aid and/or shared with the researcher via Google Drive link (researchers do not need to have a Google account in order to access the materials, the link is active for 30 days).

Should you believe you are in need of services that do not align with our order fulfillment period or page limits, please reach out to an archivist to discuss it further. Archivists may be able to direct you to other organizations that can assist you. Rush services can be requested but need approval by the Digitization Coordinator; a rush fee of $35 will be applied.

Policies and procedures

  • Remote digitization orders

    • If you wish to place a digitization order, identify via the materials by using the Princeton University Finding Aids. Please email our reference staff with the collection number, the box number, folder number or title, and a link to the specific finding aid record.

    • Mudd Library staff offer up to one hour of light research gratis to help answer basic reference questions.

    • Mudd offers up to 10 images at no cost. Requests between 11-300 pages will cost a flat rate of $16.25.

  • In-person digitization orders

    • Researchers that submit in-person digitization orders will need to flag and identify all requested materials. Researchers must speak with the Digitization Coordinator prior to submitting an in-person digitization order. We strongly encourage researchers to bring a camera with them to take photographs of materials.

  • Audiovisual digitization

    • The Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library holds a wide range of audiovisual media. Many of these materials are on obsolete and/or fragile media formats. To ensure future accessibility, Mudd Library policies do not allow the playing of original media during research. In order to provide a reference copy for researchers, original media must be digitized and checked for copyright.

    • Audiovisual digitization requests are processed by an approved vendor. Should you request staff will contact for a quote. Please note, the transfer time required can be as little as several weeks to as long as several months, with costs of upwards of hundreds of dollars per item required for many of these formats. All audiovisual digitization are the responsibility of the researcher and they will be invoiced after Mudd Library staff determine if the material can be digitized and shared.

  • Ordering senior theses

    • If you wish to place an order for a senior thesis, please identify the thesis in Dataspace and use the Senior Thesis Order Form to submit the order.

    • There is no charge for ordering senior thesis. Delivery time is between 3-5 business weeks.

  • Ordering Masters and Ph. D dissertations

    • Search the Princeton University Catalog. Use the information from the Catalog to search ProQuest for the dissertation prior to contacting Mudd Library. The dissertation may be already digitized and, if your library has a subscription, may be available for download. Researchers without a library subscription can order a dissertation through ProQuest.

    • Researchers within the United States and Canada who have access to a local Interlibrary Loan service (ILL) can request a dissertation via ILL if a circulating copy of the dissertation is available.

    • If ProQuest does not have a copy of the requested dissertation, Mudd will provide a one time use copy for patrons at no cost. Please email our reference staff with a link to the catalog record. Digitization of dissertations is dependent on the copyright and embargo status. If there is a copyright concern, only 20% of the content can be provided. If there is an embargo concern, we will be unable to complete the digitization request, but researchers are welcome to visit Mudd Library in person to view the material.