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RBSC Imaging Guidelines and Price List


Imaging inquiries for RBSC collections housed in Firestone Library should be submitted to the department reference account at

The Department reserves the right to refuse a request, or to limit(*) the amount or format of duplication. Entire books or boxes (or substantial portions of either) will not be photocopied (unless otherwise authorized by curator); other forms of duplication may be available. 

*Maximum Order. In order to protect copyright and RBSC control over its own materials, RBSC will not photocopy more than 20 percent of particular manuscript collections or record groups; and a maximum of 250 copies for copyright-protected literary materials. Curators responsible for the relevant collections will continue to review requests and may approve larger orders for scanning (PDF output). Mudd will continue to limit orders to 1000 copies per patron per calendar year.

Medieval and Islamic manuscripts are never photocopied. Other forms of duplication may be available. Fragile rare books or manuscripts may not be reproducible. For photography, special handling charges, custom processing fees ($35.00 per hour) and/or rush fees ($35.00 minimum) may be charged. Photographic negatives and color transparencies remain the property of the Department.

Imaging orders must be prepaid. Payment is possible by credit card, check, money order, or Princeton University account. A postage-and-handling charge will be added for on-site orders that are to be mailed. Special handling fees for oversized, unwieldy, or particularly fragile originals may be added to any order. Reproductions of photocopies, where the Department does not hold the original(s), are not possible, in most cases. All orders are subject to curatorial approval and, where appropriate, a restrictions check.


Standard Photocopy or Low-resolution PDF Reference Scans

  • Onsite requests: $0.35 per page
  • Remote requests: $16.25 remote minimum processing fee plus $0.35 per page
  • Color photocopy (all sizes): $5.00 per sheet  

PDF from exisiting microfilm negatives

  • Provided on an "as is / best copy available" basis; default format for materials that have been previously microfilmed.

Digital Photography

  • High-resolution Digital photo/scan: $25.00 per image 

Audio/Visual Materials

  • Depending on the nature and condition of original item, digitization of vinyl LPs or magnetic tape media, may be possible. Contact for information.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Special Handling/Complex Orders: $35.00 per hour
  • Postage/Handling fee for photocopy requests: Standard USPS Priority Mail (Domestic/International): $6.00 minimum; estimated according to pkg weight. Express shipping: $15.00 minimum.