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Princeton University Library Research Grants for 2015–2016

**Unless otherwise noted, these grants have been funded by the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

Sarah Basham, “Making Knowledge in Military Networks: Military Encyclopedias in Early Modern China, 1500–1644,” East Asian Library.

Claire Bowditch, “Complete Writings of Aphra Behn,” Rare Book Division, with funding provided by the Rare Book Fund.

David Brown, “On Board: The Evolution and Role of Dining in Collegiate Life,” University Archives.

Melissa Brzycki, “Inventing the Socialist Child, 1945–1976,” Cotsen Children’s Library, with funding provided by the Cotsen Fund.

Scott Cave, “Cross-Cultural Communication in the Spanish Atlantic Frontier, 1470–1570,” Manuscripts Division, Scheide Library. 

Andrew Dietzel, “Resisting the Settler-State: Enunciations of Haudenosaunee Sovereignty from 1898–1965,” Rare Book Division, Western Americana Collections.

Angela Dressen, “The Education of the Artist in the early Italian Renaissance,” Rare Book Division. 

Alastair Duthie, “David Lawrence, Walter Lippmann, and the Emergence of the Syndicated Political Columnist in Interwar America,” Public Policy Papers. 

Christine Ferguson, “Squalid Vestments: Arthur Machen and the Mystical Art of Journalism,” Manuscripts Division. 

Junia Furtado, “The Codex Diamond, Or the Book of Registry of Meetings and Resolutions of the Board of Administration of the Royal Extraction of Diamonds of Tejuco / Brazil (1781–1795)," Manuscripts Division, with funding provided by the Maxwell Fund. 

Claudia Gilman, “The Boom: A Latin American Chapter in Uruguayan History,” Manuscripts Division.

Oneyda González, “Documentary Project Severo secreto,” Graphic Arts Collection, Manuscripts Division, with funding from the Program in Latin American Studies (PLAS). 

Victoria Grieve, “Children, Culture, and Cold War Diplomacy,” Public Policy Papers. 

Jamalin Harp, “The Capital’s Children: The Story of the Washington City Orphan Asylum,” Manuscripts Division. 

Barbara Heritage, “Bookmaking at Haworth: A Bibliographical Analysis of Brontë Manuscripts and Related Documents,” Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division, Cotsen Children’s Library. 

Elaine Hobby, “Complete Writings of Aphra Behn,” Rare Book Division, with funding provided by the Rare Books Fund.

Claire Howard, “Surrealism and Post-World War II Culture,” Marquand Library.

Joseph Hower, “A Revolution in Government: Jerry Wurf, the Rise of AFSCME, and the Fate of American Liberalism, 1919–1981,” Public Policy Papers, with funding provided by the Seeley G. Mudd Fund.

Rebecca Kluchin, “Pregnancy and Personhood: The Maternal-Fetal Relationship in America, 1850–present,” Public Policy Papers.

Bethany Mannon, “Sylvia Beach’s Revisions and Omissions while Preparing Shakespeare and Company for Publication,” Manuscripts Division.

Katherine Mintie, “Legal Lenses: Intellectual Property Laws and American Photography, 1839–1890,” Graphic Arts Collection, with funding from the Elmer Adler Fund.

Andrea Nichols, “On Edge and At the Center: Queenship in Manuscript and Print, 1480–1642,” Rare Books Division.

Gustavo Pérez, “Documentary Project Severo Secreto.” Graphic Arts Collection, Manuscripts Division.

Kristina Reardon, “Quixotic Modernism in Times of War: Gender and Genre in Early Twentieth Century European Literature,” Cotsen Children’s Library.

Marcie Reynolds, “Common Cause: Continuity and Change in the ‘Citizen’s Lobby,’” Public Policy Papers.

Charlotte Rogers, “Trauma and Narrative in The Green House by Mario Vargas Llosa,” Manuscripts Division.

Sophie Seita, “Proto-Types of the Avant-Garde: Little Magazines and Communities of Print.” Rare Book Division.

Tamara Smithers, “The Cult of Raphael.” Marquand Library.

William Stroebel, “Cavafy in Pieces: Greek Print and the Diasporic Imagination.” Rare Book Division, Graphic Arts Collection, with funding from the Program in Hellenic Studies with the support of the Stanley J. Seeger Fund.

Mark Thompson, “Land, Liberty, and Property: Surveyors and the Production of Empire in British America,” Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division, with funding from the Sid Lapidus ’59 Research Fund for Studies of the Age of Revolution and the Enlightenment in the Atlantic World.

Chet Van Duzer, “The Scholarly Reception of Ptolemy’s Geography in the Sixteenth Century as Evidenced by the Annotations in the Princeton Copy of the 1525 Edition,” Rare Book Division, with funding from the Council of the Humanities. 

Barbara Welke, “The Course of a Life: A History of the Curriculum Vitae,” University Archives.