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Princeton University Library Research Grants for 2018-2019

Unless otherwise noted, the funding source is the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

Mustafa Baran, “Exploring Local Communities, Labour, and Politics: An Inquiry into the Social History of the Excavations of Antioch-on-the-Orontes (1931-1939),” Manuscripts Division, University Archives

Nicholas Barron, “Assembling the Yaqui Conference: Anthropology, Performance, and the Pascua Yaqui Indian Tribe,” Manuscripts Division

Michael Becker, “Customary Arrangements, Amelioration, and the Law in Jamaica, 1786-1838,” Manuscripts Division, Rare Books Division

Steven Belletto, “The Beats: A Literary History,” Rare Books Division

Ana Inés Larre Borges, “Poetry and Truth: The Clues in Idea Vilariño’s Manuscripts,” Manuscripts Division

Cassie Brand, “How Books Became Rare: The History of Special Collections in America,” University Archives, Special Collections Research Fund

Rachel Bryant Davies, “Classics at Play: Greco-Roman Antiquity in British Children’s Culture, 1750-1914,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Kathleen Comerford, “Provenance of Books in European Jesuit Libraries, 1540s-1770s,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Manuscript Division, Rare Books Division, East Asian Collections, Marquand Library, Special Collections Research Fund

Matthew Day, “Printed Copies of Virgil in England up to 1550,” Rare Books Division

Cecilia Garcia-Huidobro, “Following the Thread of José Donoso’s Craft in Journals, Letters and Personal Papers,” Manuscripts Division

Jessica Gordon-Burroughs, “Visible Matter: Politics of the Copy, the Canon, and the Reader in Cuba, Venezuela, and Chile (1960-2013),” Graphic Arts Collection, Cotsen Children’s Library, Rare Books Division, Elmer Adler Fund

Magdalena Gruener, “‘Explorer with a Powder Puff’– Women Artists at the Bermuda Oceanographic Expeditions (1929-34),” Manuscripts Division, Humanities Council Fund

Bradley Hart, “City of Deception: Washington in the Last Days of Peace,” Public Policy Papers, Manuscripts Division

Katherine Jewell, “Live from the Underground: College Radio in the Era of the Culture Wars,” University Archives

Francesca Kavanagh, “Intimate Texts: Space and Sociability in Eighteenth-Century Women’s Letter-Writing, Annotation and Commonplacing,” Rare Books Division

Kevin Kim, “Worlds Unseen: Henry Wallace, Herbert Hoover, and the Making of Cold War America,” Public Policy Papers

Samuel Lemley, “The Acta Eruditorum and the printing and publication of Leibniz’s Calculus,” Rare Books Division

Alessandro Meregaglia, “The Gipson Family, Caxton Printers, and the Development of Regional Book Publishing in the American West,” Western Americana, Manuscripts Division

Alys Moody, “The Literature of World Hunger: Poverty, Global Modernism, and the Emergence of a World Literary System,” Public Policy Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library Fund

Robert Moses, “We the People: National Citizenship and the Voting Rights Movement in Mississippi,” Public Policy Papers

Rachael Pasierowska, “Beasts, Birds, and Bondsmen: Animal and Slave Interactions in Atlantic World Slavery,” Rare Books Division, Maxwell Fund

Meredith Quinn, “How Early Modern Ottoman Readers Used Their Manuscripts,” Manuscripts Division

Anna Reynolds, “Binding Waste in Early Modern England,” Rare Books Division, Special Collections Research Fund

Lisa Robertson, “Struggle of the Ivory Tower: The Cultural Wake of Transatlantic Coeducation, 1880-1980,” University Archives

Tricia Ross, “Sacred Script: Medicine and the Bible in Early Modern Europe,” Rare Books Division, Humanities Council Fund

Paolo Sachet, “Aldine Books and the British Antiquarian Trade in the Nineteenth Century: The Cases of a Collector and a Bookseller,” Rare Books Division, Special Collections Research Fund

David Shaw, “Researches on fifteenth and sixteenth-century printing,” Rare Books Division

Athena Stournas, “George Vakalo’s contribution to major developments in the reform of French theatre and European scenography,” Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Deanna Stover, “Deadly Toys: Mini Worlds and Wars, 1800-1914,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Madoka Takagi, ““Bibliographic study of Sancha Yoshigaki and Yoshiwara Kagamigaike: An analysis of basic historical materials for clarifying Japanese brothels in the seventeenth century,” Marquand Art Library

Amy Ruth Tobol, “Badge of Honor: The Law Students Civil Rights Research Council,” Public Policy Papers

Paul Van Trigt, “Human rights and marginality. Margarita Papandreou and the United Nations Decade for Women (1975-1985),” Manuscripts Division

Lanjun Xu, “Sinophone Childhoods and the Chinese Cold War in Asia (1940s-1960s),” East Asian Collection, Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Elisabeth Yang, “‘Every pretty moral tale / Shall o'er the infants [sic] mind prevail’: Moral Agency and Development of Babies in Early 19th century American Infant Literature,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Rosetta Young, “Wanderers in the Wilderness: Nineteenth-Century Table Games, Victorian Middle-Class Childhood and the Imperial Imagination,” Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Simos Zenios, “Between speech and sound: voice as an interdiscursive concept in the Greek nineteenth century,” Rare Books Division, Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies Fund