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Princeton University Library Research Grants for 2019-2020

Name, Title, Area of Research within PUL, Funding Source.
Unless otherwise noted, the funding source is the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

Jessica Adler, “Minimal Standards of Adequacy: Health Care in Modern US Prisons,” Public Policy Papers

Christos Aliprantis, “Structures, Networks and Personnel of the Royal Court in Early Independent Greece (1830s-1860s)”, Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Selenay Aytac, “Karamanlidika in the Princeton University Library”, Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Ignacio Azcueta, “Cynical cosmopolitanism: ethics in postmodern Latin American narratives (1974-1989) The case of Edgardo Cozarinsky”, Manuscripts Division

Monica Azzolini, “ Ætna: Production and Circulation of Knowledge About Sicily’s Volcano in Early Modern Scientific, Literary and Artistic Sources”, Manuscripts Division, Rare Book Division

Chris Babits, “To Cure a Sinful Nation: Conversion Therapy in the United States”, Public Policy Papers, Manuscripts Division, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library Fund

Margaret Baguley and Martin Kirby, “Encountering the Wind from the East: The artistic voice of Mary Shepard”, Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Anna Maria Barry and Verity Burke, “Behind the Mask: Displaying Death through the Laurence Hutton Collection”, Manuscripts Division

Francesca Bellino, “Organization and Conceptualization of Knowledge in the Ottoman Period (15th-19th centuries): Encyclopedias and Works on Classification of Sciences”, Manuscripts Division

Katherine Benton-Cohen, “Copper Capitalism: The Phelps Dodge Empires and their Legacy”, Manuscripts Division, Princeton University Archives, Public Policy Papers, Special Collections Research Fund

Liza Blake, “Choose Your Own Poems and Fancies: An Interactive Digital Edition and Study of Margaret Cavendish’s Atom Poems”, Rare Book Division

Mark Bland, “The World of Simon Waterson, Stationer”, Rare Book Division, Scheide Library

Christopher Bonura, “Prophets and Forgers: The Use and Abuse of the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition in Post-Byzantine Greek Manuscripts”, Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Olga Bukhina, “A Century of Russian ABCs: The Political, Cultural, and Artistic Endeavors”, Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Hyoseak Choi, “The Expansion of Culture: Child-Adult Cultural Interactions in Imperial Japan”, Cotsen Children’s Library, East Asian Library, Cotsen Fund

Erin Cully, “Banking on Change: The Politics of US Bank Consolidation”, Public Policy Papers

Sigrid Danielson, “Hands and Temperaments: Building an American Audience for Early Medieval Art”, Manuscripts Division, Princeton University Archives, Marquand Art and Archaeology Library, Special Collections Research Fund

Steffi Dippold, “Recovering the Indigenous Artifact Language of David Brainerd’s Hebrew Lexicon”, Rare Book Division, Scheide Library

Aimee Genova, “Rebels with a Cause: Cretan Archaeologists and Revolutionaries during the 19th Century”, Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Eugene Giddens, “The Printing of the Plays of James Shirley”, Rare Book Division

Lyndall Gordon, “Eliot Among the Women”, Manuscripts Division

Jessica Govindu, “The Association on American Indian Affairs: 100 Years of History,1922-2022”, Public Policy Papers, John Foster and Janet Avery Dulles Fund

Victoria Hepburn, “William Bell Scott”, Manuscripts Division

Martin Hewitt, “Darwinism's Generations: the reception of Darwinian evolution in Britain, 1859-1909”, Manuscripts Division

Laura Hibbard, “Musical Idea and the 12-tone Music of Roger Sessions”, Manuscripts Division

Jan Hillgärtner, “News and Conflict in the Folke Dahl Collection”, Rare Book Division

Andrew Johnstone, “Spinning War and Peace: The Public Relations Industry and American Foreign Relations, 1917-1950”, Public Policy Papers, Ivy Ledbetter Lee Fund

Heather Lane, “Policing America: From Controlling Space to Patrolling Individuals and Protecting Property, 1829-1914”, Public Policy Papers, Manuscripts Division, Special Collections Research Fund

Anne Markey, “William Godwin and the Juvenile Library”, Cotsen Children’s Library, Cotsen Fund

Nicholas McLeod, “Practicing Pan-Africanism: British Caribbean Intellectuals and Black Internationalism in Post-Colonial Ghana”, Public Policy Papers

Bradford Morith, “A Warm Ending to the Cold War: James Baker, Germany, and American Economic Diplomacy”, Public Policy Papers

Jose Luis Nogales Baena, “Toward an Edition of Sergio Pitol, Through Unread Papers”, Manuscripts Division

Ellen Nye, “Anglo-Ottoman Credit: Forging a Global Monetary System”, Manuscripts Division

Hayley O’Malley, “Dreaming Black Cinema: The Filmic Turn in African American Literary Production”, Manuscripts Division, Humanities Council Fund

Polina Popova, “The Representation of Power in Soviet Children’s Literature from the 1920s until 1953 in Biographies of Party Leaders”, Cotsen Children’s Library, Rare Book Division, Cotsen Fund

David Rahimi, ‘"Where Glamor Catches the Eye": Consumerism, Gender, and Capitalism in Iran, 1941-1979”, Public Policy Papers

Leslie-William Robinson, “Morale and the Management of U.S Soldiers and Laborers in the Early Twentieth-Century”, Princeton University Archives, Public Policy Papers

Adriana Rodriguez Persico, “Ricardo Piglia: Literature as Archive”, Manuscripts Division

Tracy Roof, “Nutrition, Welfare, or Work Support? A Political History of the Food Stamp Program”, Public Policy Papers

Catherine Saliou, “Towards and Intellectual History of the Excavations at Antioch-on-the-Orontes”, Numismatics Collection, Princeton University Archives, Manuscripts Division

Hana Sleiman, “An Intellectual History of a Milieu: Pedagogy and Subject Formation in Beirut, 1920-1956”, Princeton University Archives, Manuscripts Division

Emily Spunaugle and Megan Peiser, “Establishing the Provenance of the Marguerite Hicks Collection of Women's Writings”, Rare Book Division

Clement Tulet, “Cross Study of Architectural and Archaeological Elements Within Domestic Spaces of Antioch, Daphne from the 2nd to the 6th Century”, Numismatics Collection, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies

Nikolaus Weichselbaumer, “Fraktur in Colonial America”, Graphic Arts Collections, Elmer Adler Fund

Thomas Whittaker, “The Missionary Republic: American Evangelicals and the Birth of Modern Missions, 1789–1833”, Manuscripts Division, Princeton University Archives, Sid Lapidus ‘59 Research Fund

Katherine Williams, “Mobilizing Global Shakespeare: Israel Gollancz and the Work of Homage”, Manuscripts Division

Laura Wright, “Prizing Difference: PEN Awards and the Politics of Racial Formation in American Fiction after 1961”, Manuscripts Division, Humanities Council