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Princeton University Library Research Grants for 2020-2021

2020-2021 Friends of the Princeton University Library Research Grants

Name, Title of Project, Area of Research within PUL, Funding Source. Unless otherwise noted, the funding source is the Friends of the Princeton University Library.

Mustafa Aksakal, “The Ottoman Empire in the First World War”, Manuscripts Division.

Almohsen Adey, “Printing Modernism: Palestinians in Beirut's Postwar Publishing Scene”, Public Policy Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library Fund.

Zachary Bordas, “Excrement and Solid Waste: the Partiality of Global Eco-Cosmopolitism in Postcolonial India and Kashmir”, Historic Maps Collection, Manuscripts Division.

Alia Breitwieser, “The Late-Ming Literary Landscape of Zhang Nai”, East Asian Library.

Dmitri Brown, “Tewa Perspectives on the Manhattan Project Through the Notes of Alfonso Ortiz”, Western Americana Collection.

Eve Buckley, “Hunger Politics during the Early Cold War: Intellectuals from the Global South Contest the Overpopulation Paradigm, 1948-1973”, Princeton University Archives, Public Policy Papers.

Nancy Calomarde, “Virgilio Piñera. Un narrador entre dos fuegos”, Manuscripts Division.

Tania Carrasquillo Hernández, “Book Manuscript: Archivos y memorias: Rosario Ferré (1938–2016) y la palabra transgredida”, Manuscripts Division.

Katherine Crooks, “Cultures of Exploration, Economies of Authenticity: Race Science and Settler Families in Explorations of the Canadian North, 1890-1940”, Manuscripts Division.

Tobias Daniels, “Recently acquired humanistic miscellanies at Princeton: New sources for the History of the European Renaissance”, Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division, Scheide Library.

Antonio Diaz Oliva, “Where Latin American Elephants Go to Die: A Trip Through the Private Lives of the Latin American Boom”, Manuscripts Division.

Gabrielle Dudley, “The Archival Lives of Black Women Writers”, Manuscripts Division.

Allison Fagan, “Toni Morrison, Toni Cade Bambara, and Posthumous Editorial Intimacy”, Manuscripts Division. Anna Girling, “Edith Wharton’s Cold War Publishing History”, Manuscripts Division.

Perrine Guéguen, “The paths of creation in Juan José Saer’s work papers and manuscripts”, Manuscripts Division.

Thomas Haughton, “Our war is with words: Dora Marsden, Egoism, and Literary Modernism”, Manuscripts Division.

Tatjana Jukic, “Transatlantic Revolutions: From Melancholia to Narrative Theory”, Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division, Sid Lapidus ‘59 Research Fund.

Alexandra Krawetz, “Songs, Safe and Sound: Children's Educational Music in Interwar America”, Cotsen Children's Library, Cotsen Fund.

Emily Learmont, “Decorative Painting of a Pictorial Kind: William Bell Scott and the visualisation of national historical identity”, Manuscripts Division.

Stefano Livi, “Genealogy of Cold War Propaganda: Arthur Bullard and American Propaganda in Bolshevik Russia”, Public Policy Papers, Manuscripts Division.

Darui Long, “A Proposal for the Study of the Yongle Northern Canon”, East Asian Library.

Elisa Marazzi, “Cheap Print and Children. A Transnational Encounter (1700-1900)”, Cotsen Children's Library, Cotsen Fund.

Jessica Marian, “Sylvia Beach, Ambassadrice des lettres”, Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division.

Sofia Mercader, “Ricardo Piglia Papers: manuscripts and letters”, Manuscripts Division.

Kate Ozment, “Collecting Women’s History: A Case Study of Janet Camp Troxell and Miriam Young Holden”, Rare Book Division, Manuscripts Division.

Ayelen Pagnanelli, “Gendering Argentine Abstraction: Women artists in Madi (1945-1955)", Marquand Art and Archaeology Library.

Gita Pai, “In Pursuit of Dancing Shiva: The History of India’s Iconic Cultural Treasure”, Manuscripts Division.

Maryam Patton, “By the Declining Day: Time and Temporal Cultures of the Early Modern Mediterranean”, Manuscripts Division.

Jessica Schriver, “Exploring the In-Between of Children's Media”, Cotsen Children's Library, Cotsen Fund.

Julia Secklehner, “The Derso and Kelèn Collection: Transnationalism, Caricature and Picture Journalism in Interwar Europe”, Public Policy Papers, Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library Fund.

Lucy Shaw, “Research project into the Lloyd Cotsen collection of photographs relating to Beatrix Potter at the Cotsen's Children's Library”, Cotsen Children's Library, Cotsen Fund.

Simon Torracinta, “The Economy of Desire: Cold War Science and Human Wants, 1945-1989”, Public Policy Papers.

Kaliane Ung, “The Birds and the Bees: Animality and Reproductive Rights in Feminist Literature”, Rare Book Division.

Haochen Wang, “Only Chinese Police Can Take Care of Chinese: Policing Westerners and the End of Extraterritoriality in Beijing, 1910s-1940s”, Public Policy Papers.

Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes, “The social function of Ethiopian magic scrolls: A study based on Ethiopian Geez collections at Princeton University”, Manuscripts Division.