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Printing in Princeton, New Jersey, 1786-1876: A Bibliography

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Joseph J.
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Princeton University Library | ISBN: 0878110372

Printing came relatively late to Princeton, as it did to New Jersey, because the printing press had been introduced in both Phila. and New York in 1700, and several presses became established in each of these cities. The less-populated colony of New Jersey had little need for printing. Laws and other official publications of the colony could easily be printed in Phila. or New York. Following the establishment of the College of New Jersey (later, Princeton Univ.) in 1746, New York printer James Parker set up the first permanent press in New Jersey in 1754. This bibliography includes the 555 books, pamphlets, and broadsides known with reasonable certainty to have been printed in Princeton, NJ, between 1786 and 1876. It also includes an Intro. by Joseph Felcone, who compiled the Bibliography. I13 illus.