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Rebirth of Antiquity: Numismatics, Archaeology, and Classical Studies in the Culture of the Renaissance

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Princeton University Library Chornicle | Princeton, N.J. | 2009 | ISBN: 978–0–87811–051–3

The proceedings ofThe Rebirth of Antiquity symposium were published as the Winter 2008 issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicleand also as a separate hardbound volume that is available for $20 (plus $2.50 for postage) from the Friends of Princeton University Library, One Washington Road, Princeton, NJ 08544.  Inquiries can made to Darlene Dreyer at

THE REBIRTH OF ANTIQUITY: Numismatics, Archaeology, and Classical Studies in the Culture of the Renaissance 
Edited by Alan M. Stahl. With the assistance of Gretchen Oberfranc


Preface                                                                                 Anthony Grafton          xiii 
Numismatics in the Renaissance                                             Alan M. Stahl              3 
Of Mauss and (Renaissance) Men: Numismatics,                    John Cunnally             27
Prestation, and the Genesis of Visual Literacy 
Antonio Agustín and the Numismatists                                   William Stenhouse       48 
The Local Antiquary in Eighteenth-Century Rome                  Tamara Griggs            66 
Peiresc and the Study of Islamic Coins in the Early                 Peter N. Miller           101
Seventeenth Century 
          Appendix I: Identification of the Islamic Coins              John Cunnally             156
in ms. c.10.31, pages 276–83 
          Appendix II: Identification of the Other Islamic Coins   Stefan Heidemann       164
     in ms. c.10.31  
          Literature                                                                                                       172 
Note on Title Page                                                                Alan M. Stahl              175 
Index                                                                                                                      177