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Same Purposeful Instinct, The: Essays in Honor of William H. Scheide: Princeton University Library Chronicle, Volume LV, Number 2, Winter 1994

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William P.
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Princeton University Library | ISBN: 978-1-4578-5046-2

Contents: A Tribute to William H. Scheide, by Harold T. Shapiro; “The Same Purposeful Instinct”: Essays in Honor of William H. Scheide, by William P. Stoneman; William H. Scheide as Seen from the Grolier Club, by G. Thomas Tanselle; The Scheide Psalter-Hours, by Adelaide Bennett; The Scheide Gradual, Bernardino de Capris, and Manuscript Painting in Novara, by Edith W. Kirsch; In Defense of Ancient Liberties: Shrewsbury Abbey and the English Constitutional Crisis of 1297, by Don C. Skemer; The Monastery of San Vittore delle Chiuse: Preliminary Notes for a History, by Giuseppe Avarucci and Ugo Paoli; The Parkerian Legacy of a Scheide Manuscript: William of Malmesbury’s Gesta Regum Anglorum, by Carl T. Berkhout; Aldus Manutius’s Paper Stocks: The Evidence of Two Uncut Books, by Paul Needham; Anton Koberger’s First Books: Paper Stocks and Sequence of Printing, by Janet Ing Freeman; Georg Sparsgut, Rubricator, by William P. Stoneman. Illus.