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Curator of Rare Books

This collection was received as a gift from Charles K. Warner in 1980. Virtually complete, it includes all numbers of all series published by the 'Collège de 'Pataphysique' (over 200 items), and other material documenting the history of the Collège de 'Pataphysique, "including a vast quantity of printed ephemera, postcards (commemorating, for example, the 'Pataphysical New Year, celebrated on the anniversary of the  birth of Alfred Jarry), stamps and flyers of various kinds." Catalogued during the summers of 1990 and 1991 by Anna Creese, graduate student in the Department of Romance Languages.

For particulars refer to: Nancy Finlay, "The Charles K. Warner Collection of Jarryana and 'Pataphysics'" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLII, 3 (Spring, 1981) pp. 208-209 [full text] .