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Curator of Rare Books

Location designator: NjI

The collection includes about 400 bound volumes with New Jersey imprint. About 50+ of these are dated in the 18th century; the remainder in the 19th century. Imprints are from Princeton, Trenton, Elizabeth, Burlington, New Brunswick, Newark, Morristown, Middletown, Salem and Camden. The content tends toward the religious (sermons, practical religion, ethics, morals), but there are also such literary works as Samuel Johnson's Rambler and Homer's Iliad.

A listing of the NjI Collection (as of 1920) is to be found on pp. 3365 to 3370 of Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text] The books are listed alphabetically and chronologically according to place and date of imprint.

Also refer to: William Nelson. Checklist of the Issues of the Press of New Jersey. (Paterson, 1899). [(ExB) 04163.673.67]

An exhibition called "Printing in Princeton Before the Establishment of the Princeton University Press" was held in 1963. The exhibition is described briefly in: Earle E. Coleman, "Princeton Printing before Conkwright" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIV, 2 (Winter, 1963) pp. 141-43 [full text]. Many of the 129 items displayed at that time were drawn from the Nelson New Jerseyana collection. A catalogue of the exhibition was compiled and can be consulted: Earle E. Coleman. Printing in Princeton Before the Establishment of the Princeton University Press. (Princeton, 1963) [(ExB) 0639.739 no.31]. [full text]

See also the following entry in this Guide, on New Jerseyana.