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Curator of Rare Books

Incomplete, catalogued but useable runs of catalogues of selected American, English and Continental antiquarian booksellers are kept by the Department. The catalogues are now indexed online and the records show the extent of the run. Access is through the Rare Books reading room, as the catalogues are stored in the ReCAP offsite storage facility. The Library no longer adds to these runs of dealer catalogues, chiefly because of lack of staff and shelving to keep them current. The latest issuance date we are likely to have for any dealer in the following list is 1991.

The following dealers have been retained:

CONTINENT: Antiquariat Junk, Pierre Beres, E.J. Brill, Gustav Fock, J. Gamber, Gilhoffer and Raunschburg, Otto Harrassowitz, Karl W. Hiersemann, Hoepli, Nijhoff, Picard, Georges Rapilly & fils., Ludwig Rosenthal's Antiquariaat, Librairie Sourget.

ENGLAND: B.H. Blackwell Ltd., Martin Breslauer, Inc., Davis & Orioli, Dawsons of Pall Mall, Percy Dobell & son., Francis Edwards, E.P. Goldschmidt & Co., John Grant, George Harding's Bookshop Limited, W. Heffer & Sons, Peter Murray Hill (Rare Books) Ltd., Hofmann & Freeman, Luzac & Co., Maggs Bros., Pickering 7 Chatto, Bernard Quaritch, William Robinson, A. Rosenthal Ltd., Bertram Rota, Charles Sawyer, G.F. Sims, Henry Sotheran, Henry Stevens Son & Stiles, James Thin, Alan G. Thomas, Thomas Thorp, G.W. Walford, Wheldon & Wesley.

UNITED STATES: Brick Row Book Shop, Cadmus Book Shop, Dawson's Book Shop, Philip C. Duschnes, Edward Eberstadt & Sons, John F. Fleming, Bennett Gilbert, Lucien Goldschmidt, Goodspeed's Book Shop, Lathrop C. Harper, Charles F. Heartman, F. Thomas Heller, David J. Holmes Autographs, John Howell Books, Wright Howes, House of Books, House of El Dieff, H.P. Kraus, Bruce McKittrick Rare Books, Howard S. Mott, Kenneth Nebenzahl, Emil Offenbacher, Herbert Reichner, Rosenbach Company, William Salloch, William H. Schab Gallery, E.K. Schreiber, Scribner Rare Book Shop, Seven Gables Bookshop, Inc., Stechert-Hafner, Inc., Laurence Witten, Charles B. Wood III Inc., Ximenes: Rare Books, Inc., Zeitlin & Ver Brugge.

This sample record should assist in identifying the records which contain the bulk of the catalogues. While some dealer catalogs may be cataloged individually to reflect an important sale (such as works of Charles Dickens, materials on aeronautica, etc.), the collective records are clearly annotated as such:

Author: Maggs Bros. 
Title: Catalogue / Maggs Bros. 
Published: London : Maggs Bros., 1912-1991. 
Holdings: No. 284 (1912)-no. 1097 (1991).


Summary Note: 
Box 1 of 23: no. 284 (1912)-no. 386 (1919). 
Box 2 of 23: no. 387 (1920)-no. 417 (1921). 
Box 3 of 23: no. 418 (1922)-no. 442 (1923). 

The word "catalogue" does not appear on some issues. 
Ex : Holdings do not include all numbers. 
Ex : Some numbers may be marked for purchases by Princeton University 
Subject(s): Catalogs, Booksellers'--England--London. 
Location: RBSC Off-Site Storage: Contact 
Call Number: Dealers catalogs Firm 029

Additionally, a number of dealers focusing on Western Americana have been cataloged, and are also available through the Rare Books reading room.

Sotheby's (1926-present), Christie, Manson & Woods (1977-present) and Swann Galleries, inc. (1944-present) are still accessioned on a continuing basis, and may be requested through the Rare Books Reading Room.