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Rare Books

Rare Book Division
Firestone Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Curator of Rare Books

According to official history of the Library published ca. 1915, the Library had at that time 95 volumes of books for the blind. (Cf. Princeton University Library, p. 57 [ExB 0639.7373.7])

Only a few of these remain. Two were published by the Perkins Institution in Boston: a Bible (8 vols.) published by the American Bible Society has embossed roman letters [(Ex) BS185 1841 .N4q]; and Milton's Poetical works (2 vols.), also printed in embossed roman letters [(Ex) 3859.1855q].

A second group is printed in William Moon's special embossed "letter-forms", which resemble simplified letters. The volumes include The epistles of Paul (in 3 v.) [(Ex) HV1678 .B56 P374 1858q] and The gospel according to St. Mark (in 1 v.), published in 1858 [(Ex) HV1678 .B56 M374 1858q].