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728 volumes concerning various members of the Rossetti family; the collection has grown in small ways since the original purchase in June 1968, funding for which was provided by Robert H. Taylor '30, Levering Cartwright '26, Daniel Maggin, the Eberhard L. Faber Foundation, the John E. Annan Fund and Christian A. Zabriskie.

One entire issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle has been devoted to the Rossetti collection. See especially the article: Robert S. Fraser, "The Rossetti Collection of Janet Camp Troxell: A Survey with Some Sidelights." in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIII, 3 (Spring, 1972) pp. 146-175 [full text].

The most substantial single part of the collection contains material by or relating to Dante Gabriel Rossetti, with 227 titles in 262 volumes. Also notable is The Torch: A Journal of International Socialism. London, 1891-1896. This socialist-anarchist paper was published by Helen, Olivia, and Arthur Rossetti. Princeton holdings for this publication begin with the issue believed to be for September 1891 and conclude with that for December 1895. However, the Library lacks as many as 23 numbers.

A typescript catalogue of all printed books in the Troxell collection was prepared by Robert S. Fraser [(EXOV) Z5948.P9 xF7]. Full text available here. The 2 drawer index for the Fraser catalogue is on 3x5 cards; but is obsolete because the PDF of the typescript catalogue can be keyword searched.  Also see the 5 boxes of material by Janet Troxell relating to her Rossetti Collection. The boxes are held by the Manuscripts Division and are found in Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts. See the Janet Camp Troxell Collection of Rossetti Manuscripts, 1832-1965 [(MSS) C0189].