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Firestone Library
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Princeton, NJ 08540
Curator of Rare Books

Together with the rich holdings of the Robert H. Taylor Collection, the collection at Princeton is one of the finest.

For particulars refer to: John Felstiner, "Changing Faces in Max Beerbohm's Caricature" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXIII, 2 (Winter, 1972) pp. 73-88, [ full text] in which the recently acquired 1896 copy of Caricatures of Twenty-Five Gentlemen appears. In the copy, Beerbohm has redrawn more than half the portraits on facing pages and humorously annotated them. See also Robert Viscusi, "A Dandy's Diary: The Manuscripts of Max Beerbohm's Zuleika Dobson " in the Chronicle XL, 3 (Spring, 1979), pp. 234-56 [ full text] (including five plates) in which Viscusi proves that "the manuscripts of Zuleika show us Beerbohm in the process of shaping his image of himself."

The entire Winter, 1982 issue of the Chronicle is given over to a 76-page article [ full text] (including 21 plates) by Lawrence Danson: "Max Beerbohm and The Mirror of the Past. "It is an elaborate and ingenious article on an unpublished Beerbohm manuscript, of about 100 unbound leaves, in the Robert H. Taylor Collection. Mr. Taylor has written on Beerbohm's literary credo in his collection of essays, Certain Small Works (Princeton, 1980), pp. 83-98, and has published a checklist of his Beerbohm collection in the Gazette of the Grolier Club.

For catalogue records of individual books forming the Library's part as well as Mr. Taylor's collection of Beerbohm, see the Library's online catalogue.