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Rare Books

Rare Book Division
Firestone Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Curator of Rare Books
From the John Shaw Pierson Civil War

The Library's holdings relating to Dime Novels are divided chiefly among two collections. One major portion, about 1,700 individual issues, is in the Cotsen Children's Library. Some details about these are covered in the exhibition "Cheap Thrills," mounted in Cotsen during the fall of 2006.
The second major portion is in the  General Rare Book Collection, chiefly in three sub-units thereof, namely,
The Stanley Lieberman Memorial Collection (900 individual numbers)
The Mary Robinson Memorial Collection of Hero Fiction (400 individual numbers)
— The John Murray Reynolds '22 Collection, consisting of 111 issues of various boys, dime-novel, mystery, and other such pulp magazines published in the United States between 1925 and 1947. Each issue contains a story or contribution by John Murray Reynolds of the Class of 1922. A checklist [full text] of the collection is available.
Lastly, a few individual numbers of dime novels are found in the Eckel Newboy Collection. See box 2a in the collection inventory.
    See the entry: HERO FICTION in this Guide for more details on these three collections.