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Rare Books

Firestone Library
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Curator of Rare Books

The Herman Elfers Collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson is the gift of William Elfers, Class of 1941. Numbering more than 75 volumes, the collection includes many presentation copies. It includes a copy of The Offering (Cambridge, 1829), a very scarce volume containing Emerson's first book appearance [(Ex) 3730.3675].

Further particulars regarding the collection can be found in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 2 (Winter, 1964) pp. 163-164 [full text]. The collection forms part of the General Rare Books Collection. For holdings of Emerson see pp. 163-167 (section on Emerson) in Merle Johnson's American First Editions (4th ed.) New York: Edwards Bros., 1942 [(ExB) 04703.501.22].

A seven-page list  of Mr. Elfers's gifts of Emerson books and manuscripts is to be found in the Collections File under Elfers. It is current as of 22 October 1992.