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In 1769, James Granger published a Biographical History of England with blank leaves for the addition of portraits, etc. to the taste of the purchaser. Hence grangerising, for the practice he formalized and promoted. Grangerised or extra-illustrated books, as they are now more commonly called, are copies which have had added to them, either by a private owner or professionally, engraved portraits, prints, etc., usually cut out of other books, and sometimes also autograph letters, documents and drawings. (John Carter)

Princeton has a number of extra-illustrated books -- approximately 200 such -- including a grangerised Granger Biographical History of England (as extended by Mark Noble, published in London in 1806). See Ex 1497.4055.12q (27 vol.).

Selected extra-illustrated books include: (arranged chronologically)

1795 ❧ an extra-illustrated copy of the Didot, 1795 edition of Voltaire's La Pucelle d'Orleans;

1803 ❧ a copy of the life and posthumous works of William Cowper, extra-illustrated by William Upcott (acquired ca. 1962-7);

Volume no. per Upcott
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• Hayley, William, 1745-1820.  The life, and posthumous writings, of William Cowper,   London, 1806.  4 v.   Princeton University Library call number (Ex) 3693.7.716.1806a 

The Iliad of Homer, tr. into English blank verse, by William Cowper, Esq., London, 1810. (Ex)3693.7.347.1810.
The Odyssey ... translated into English blank verse, by W. Cowper, Esq., London, 1810. (Ex)3693.7.347.1810a.
Private correspondence of William Cowper, Esq., with several of his most intimate friends, London, 1824. (Ex)3693.

•Cowper, William. Poems, London, 1800 (2 vol.) and Vol. III, London, 1815. (Ex) 3693.7.1800a


• Poems, Translated from the French of Madame de la Mothe Guion,  London, 1811.
Bound with Power of Grace illustrated, in Six Letters from a minister of the Reformed Church to John Newton, London, 1792. (Ex)  3693.7.342.1811


• Cowper, Memoir, (London, 1816); Life, by J. Corry (London, 1803); Sermon, by S. Greathead (London, 1800) and some other biographical titles.   (Ex)  3693.7.311.1819



1832 ❧ A gift from Robert H. Taylor is John Taylor (1757-1832) Records of My Life(London, 1832), extra-illustrated with 871 plates: 2 v. expanded to 6; each leaf of text inlaid on large paper. A full, 20 page [Full list of contents] is available. Call number for this book: (ThX) PR5549.T3 Z5 1832q.

1827 ❧ See Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1827 edition of the Holy Bible [(Ex) BS185 1827 .O9e] which belonged to the first Earl of Ancaster, Alberic Drummond Willoughby (1821-1870). Each 51 cm. leaf is inlaid in 68 cm. leaf; 43 watercolor and sepia wash drawings by William Henry Bartlett have been removed from the set and are now housed in the Graphic Arts Collection.Remaining are 9 watercolors by Luigi Mayer, 2 watercolors by F. C. Cooper, 11 unsigned sepia drawings, and 101 lithographs after David Roberts. [Full list ] of remaining extra-illustrations.

1838 ❧ Memoirs of John Bannister, comedian. By John Adolphus; illustrated by Charles N. Mann. Call number: (ThX) 30104.114 [Full list of contents]

1868 ❧ A large-paper, extra-illustrated copy of Poems by Frederick Locker published in London in 1868.

1873 ❧ See the copy of Dr. John Doran's A Lady of the Last Century (Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu) (London, 1873) in 12 volumes extra-illustrated with many prints, etc. by A.M. Broadley [(Ex) 3862.7.64].


1886 ❧ A copy of William Winter's Shakespeare's England (Boston, 1886) once owned by Edwin Holden and given by Arthur C. Holden.

1890 ❧ A copy of William Winter's A sketch of the life of John Gilbert: together with extracts from his letters and souvenirs of his career (New York, 1890) [Full list of contents]

1914 ❧ See MSS C0015 which consists of a disbound copy of The Intimate Letters of Hester Piozzi and Penelope Pennington, 1788-1821, published in London in l914 and edited by Oswald G. Knapp, which has been extra-illustrated by the addition of 198 holograph letters of Mrs. Piozzi wholly or partially published in the text, together with a large number of other letters, poems, anagrams, epigrams, and prologues by Mrs. Piozzi; a series of important letters by Mrs. Pennington; numerous letters and portraits of other persons referred to in their correspondence; and over 300 contemporary views and caricatures. Included are an 18th-century map of Bath and a series of 12 prints (1857) by Thomas Rowlandson, entitled The Comforts of Bath.

1978 ❧ For the 20th century see this book in the Graphic Arts Collection: Stephen Longstreet, Sportin' house; New Orleans and the jazz story; A history of New Orleans sinners and the birth of jazz; with extra illustrations in watercolor, by the author, dated 1978 [(GAX) ML3561.J3 L63].

Other ❧ The Todd collection of photographically extra-illustrated Tauchnitz editions, 1750-1985 [(Ex) TR652 .T62] is a collection of 53 titles (109 volumes) which was acquired in 2001. It was formed by Professor William B. Todd in connection with his collecting the editions of Tauchnitz. The 53 titles are arranged in series. The first and largest series is 37 copies of Hawthorne's Marble Faun. Also includes: Romola by George Eliot; Pictures of old Rome by Frances Elliot, Walks in Rome by Augustus J. C. Hare, The last days of Pompeii, and Rienzi, by Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton; and Lays of ancient Rome by Thomas Babington Macaulay. Present in the collection file is Todd's notes (10 p.) giving a bibliographical analysis of the collection; the first section of which is a more detailed version of Todd & Bowen's Tauchnitz international editions in English, 1841-1955, no. 515-516. Of particular usefulness for understanding the extra-illustrated copies of Hawthorne's Marble Faun, see Susan S. Williams, "Manufacturing Intellectual Equipment: The Tauchnitz Edition of The Marble Faun in Reading Books: Essays on the Material Text and Literature in America, edited by Michele Moylan and Lane Stiles (Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1996), pp 117-150.