Economic history

Collections with Divisional Holdings

  • David F. Bradford Papers

    Bradford's papers document his academic career and include correspondence files and conference files, as well as papers related to his research with Harry H. Kelejian, his appointment books, and biographical materials from his years as a student. Bradford's correspondence is largely with other scholars and includes discussions of ideas from recent papers and conferences on a wide variety of economic and government finance topics, as well as Bradford providing recommendations for former students.

  • W. Arthur Lewis Papers

    Lewis's papers document his career as a scholar and as an economic advisor and include his professional correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and writings. His scholarly papers include materials documenting his administrative work at the University of the West Indies and his lecture notes from his professorship at Princeton University. His advisory papers include correspondence, meeting minutes, and reports, predominantly from his work in Ghana and the Caribbean.Please see the series descriptions in the contents list for additional information about individual series.

  • David E. Lilienthal Papers

    This collection consists of the papers of Lilienthal spanning his entire career.

  • Walter E. Spahr Papers

    Spahr's papers document his scholarship and include his writings and related correspondence. The subjects of his writings include the gold standard, United States monetary policies and economic conditions, inflation, and business and employment. The papers also include a small amount of biographical material and papers from his work with the Economists' National Committee on Monetary Policy.Please see the series descriptions in the contents list for additional information about individual series.

  • Clarence B. Randall Papers

    Consists of 78 bound volumes containing Randall's journals, articles, and speeches concerning his relationships with Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon B. Johnson, and his government posts as chairman of the Commission on Foreign Economic Policy (1953-1954) and the Council on Foreign Economic Policy (1956-1961), as special consultant and special assistant to Eisenhower on foreign economic policy (1954-1961), special emissary to Turkey (1956) and Ghana (1961), and as chairman of the Dept.

  • Tristan E. Beplat Papers

    Beplat's papers document his service in Japan and include memoranda, papers, and reports on the banks and economy of Japan from 1945 to 1948. The majority of the papers are related to his roles in the Finance Division of the Economic and Scientific Section, General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers. Also included is a small amount of correspondence and personal papers.Please see the series descriptions in the contents list for additional information about individual series.

  • Chandler & Company Records

    Chandler & Company's records document the company's investment decisions in Germany, as well as Bolivia and Costa Rica, during the early 1920s and include correspondence and meeting minutes. The majority of the records document negotiations between the Company and Germany about the Chandler Plan and include correspondence to Percy M. Chandler from the representatives he sent to Germany (Robert Gade and Edward Robinette), meeting minutes from negotiations between Gade, Robinette, and German bankers and government officials, and clippings.

  • Rubber Development Corporation, Amazon Division Records

    Consists of records of the Rubber Development Corporation's Amazon Division, managed by Philip H. Williams in Manaos, Brazil, during World War II. Included are business and financial files (1942-1945)–correspondence, memoranda, technicians' reports, charts, photographs, newspaper clippings–relating to personnel, supplies, accounts, sales, stock, native tappers, and sources and treatment of rubber.

  • Benjamin Strong Collection

    Contains records pertaining to the former Benjamin Strong Collection of Foreign Public Finance in Princeton University Library, which was funded by Strong with the objective of acquiring books and original source material chronicling the development of foreign public finance, central banking, and international trade. Included are correspondence (1925-1950) of librarians Laura S. Turnbull and James Thayer Gerould, bulletins, reports, committee files, and requests to foreign countries for related publications.

  • Richard A. Musgrave Papers

    Consists of the professional files of Richard A. Musgrave. The material documents Musgrave's career as an economist and professor, and includes publications and presentations, drafts, discussion papers, conference materials, reports, editorial and teaching materials, email correspondence and written correspondence, and awards received.



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