William H. Scheide examines the Gutenberg Bible.
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The Scheide Library has a large (about 150 volumes) collection of 15th century books. These have been given to the Princeton University Library and include an important collection of books printed by Johann Gutenberg and his partners. Primary is a copy of the famous Gutenberg Bible. Many voyages and travels were collected, including a facsimile copy of the Columbus letter, one of the first printed accounts of the discovery of America (1493) [(Ex) E116.2 .D1952].

Refer to: Paul Needham, "Incunabula, Bibles and Early Americana in the Scheide Library" in thePrinceton University Library Chronicle XXXVII, 2 (Winter, 1976) pp. 85-108 (esp. 92-101) [full text] .

See also BIBLE entry in this Guide since it describes the Bible incunabula in the Scheide collection.

Among the early printed books in the Scheide collection, there are many famous incunables. For example: Two important block books: First, theBiblia pauperum, made by the woodcutter Hans Sporer of Nuremberg. 1471. Second, the Opera nova contemplative, which is one of only two or three known blockbooks of Italian manufacture, and was made by Giovanni Andrea Vavassore in Venice. The collection also includes important woodcut-illustrated printed books as well as five Caxtons. Paul Needham's article gives detailed descriptions of books falling into the categories mentioned. It also briefly mentions other holdings in the collection.

Scheide incunabula collected during the years 1954 to 2004 are listed in the publication For William H. Scheide: Fifty Years of Collecting, 6 January 2004(Princeton, 2004) [(ExB)Z989.S35 F67 2004 and (F)Z989.S35 F67 2004].


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