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Curator of Rare Books

Placed on deposit in the Princeton University Library in 1972, and received as a bequest in 1985, the Robert H. Taylor Collection consists of over 4,000 rare books and 3,300 manuscripts illustrating the scope of English literature from the fourteenth century to the 1920's. The collection began about 1930 and progressed to its present form in several distinct stages. It was moved to Princeton in 1960 and housed in the former Princetoniana Room in Firestone Library in 1972.  Added to the collection are several important books bought from Mr. John Brett-Smith in 1986 that once belonged to Narcissus Luttrell and have his notes regarding publication.

For more details about the holdings of the Robert H. Taylor Collection:

See the double issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle devoted in its entirety to a survey of the Taylor Collection: Robert J. Wickenheiser, "The Robert H. Taylor Collection" (Vol. XXXVIII, no. 2 and 3; Winter-Spring, 1976-77) [full text], carries 13 articles by such scholars as G.E. Bentley, James Thorpe, Mary Hyde, Charles Ryskamp, E.D.H. Johnson, H. W. Liebert, Richard M. Ludwig, John V. Fleming, Earl Miner, and Thomas P. Roche.  Also, the entire Winter, 1986 issue of the Princeton University Library Chronicle focuses on the Robert H. Taylor Collection [full text].

See also: Robert H. Taylor, "Contemporary Collectors III: The Robert H. Taylor Library" in the Book Collector Vol. 3, no. 4 (Winter, l954); "Association Copies from the Collection of Robert H. Taylor" in the Gazette of the Grolier Club [New series], (June, 1969), no. 10; and A.D. Wainwright, "Robert H. Taylor" in the Gazette of the Grolier Club [New series], (1986), no. 38.


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