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  • According to official history of the Library published ca. 1915, the Library had at that time 95 volumes of books for the blind. (Cf. Princeton University Library, p. 57 [ExB 0639.7373.7])

    Only a few of these remain. Two were published by the Perkins Institution in Boston: a Bible (8 vols.) published by the American Bible Society has embossed roman letters [(Ex) BS185 1841 .N4q]; and Milton's Poetical works (2 vols.), also printed in embossed roman letters [(Ex) 3859.1855q].

    A second group is printed in William Moon's special embossed "letter-forms", which resemble simplified letters. The volumes include The epistles of Paul (in 3 v.) [(Ex) HV1678 .B56 P374 1858q] and The gospel according to St. Mark (in 1 v.), published in 1858 [(Ex) HV1678 .B56 M374 1858q].


  • The Graphic Arts collecton holds two books by Sebastian Guillie, Essai sur l'instruction des aveugles [(GAX) HV1626 .G9], and Notice historique sur l'instruction des jeunes aveugles [(GAX) HV1631.5 .G85 1819q], which discuss education for the blind. Valentin Hauy also wrote on the subject; a translation of his book is bound into a book of poems by the late reverend Dr. Thomas Blacklock [(Ex) PR3318.B49 A7 1793].

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