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Children's Books

The Library's chief repository of children's books is the Cotsen Children's Library.

  • In the Graphic Arts Collection, there are three major holdings of children's books, First,there are the holdings of the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books (q.v. under ILLUSTRATED BOOKS). There is also a large gathering of early American editions of Mother Goose in the Sinclair Hamilton Collection of American Illustrated Books. For further details about illustrated children's books in the Hamilton Collection see: Dale Roylance, "The Graphic Art of Children's Book Illustration in America, 1840-1880" in thePrinceton University Library Chronicle XLV, 3 (Spring, 1984) pp. 256-266 [ full text] . Second,there are important Kate Greenaway books in Graphic Arts (from gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Cahn '33 in memory of DeWitt Millhauser) and in General Rare Books [from the Rankin library: see the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 2 (Winter, 1964) p. 165 [ full text]]. Third, children's books in the Cruikshank collection, including drawings by George Cruikshank for editions of "Punch and Judy" issued in London during 1828 and later. [Note: the Hamilton Cottier '22 Collection consists of about 500 volumes acquired in 1979 and described in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLI, 3 (Spring, 1980) pp. 256-257 [ full text] were transferred to Cotsen from Graphic Arts in 2004.]

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