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  • In January, 1981, the Library purchased a collection of 750+ novels published in England between 1900-1914. A checklist of the collection is available in the Collections File. Added to this first group was a second purchase of 667 novels made in January, 1983. Both groups were catalogued during 1982-83 under a grant from the Higher Education Act, Title II-C, and now form part of the General Rare Book Collection. All cataloguing records are found in the Library's online catalogue.

    For particulars refer to: [Stephen Ferguson], "Neglected Edwardians" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLII, 3 (Spring, 1981) pp. 201-202 [ full text] .

    See also: Jefferson Hunter. Edwardian Fiction (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1982) [(F) PR881 .H86].

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