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Panorama of Athens by Félix Bonfils, made by digitally combining three separate photographs
Panorama of Athens by Félix Bonfils, made by digitally combining three separate photographs
Panorama of Athens by Félix Bonfils, made by digitally combining three separate photographs
  • At the urging of the University's Program in Hellenic Studies, the Department is stepping up efforts to acquire research materials in the field of modern Greek literature and history. Recently acquired printed materials include the poetry library of the translator Kimon Friar, and several runs of newspapers from the 1940's (purchased from a different source.) These items supplement the regular buying of modern Greek books being done for the open stacks as well as manuscript material being purchased, such as the papers of Kimon Friar, the papers of Margarita Papandreou, the records of the Constantinople Metochi of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem for the 1820's, or the Bunbury letters relating to Greece, Malta, and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

    In recent years, several collections of pamphlets, flyers, and similar materials have been added. Most of these concern 20th century Greek politics, such as the collections formed by Nancy Crawshaw [(MSS) C0881 and (at ReCAP for use in RBSC) JQ1811.A58 C72q], Antonio Solaro [(Ex) DF853 .C65q], Kostas Semites (Constantine Simitis) [(Ex) DF853 .C64q] and Adamantia Pollis [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) C0797 and (at ReCAP for use in RBSC) DF853 .C63q]. Another series consists of Greek playbills dating from 1940's to 1970's [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PN2664 .M62]. During October 1996, the Library acquired books from the library of George Seferis, consisting of ca. 270 books: 55+ editions of his works in Greek, 80 titles about Seferis, 95 books which are translations into many languages of works by Seferis, and 17 books by Odysseus Elytes inscribed to Seferis.

    In 2001, Van Coufoudakis donated his papers, which includes periodicals, newsletters, and government pamphlets relating to the political situation in Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot issues, and Greek junta and anti-junta concerns. The materials have been organized and cataloged as a collection [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) DS54.9 C68 1964q].

    In 2002, Professor Edmund Keeley donated a group of 61 titles, into which he had written their publishing and editorial history, providing a window into the complicated world of translation and publication. Keeley collaborated with many others on his projects, and the manuscript notes are included in the Library online catalogue records.

    The Diamantides Collection on Aristides Phoutrides consists of materials by and about Phoutrides, including correspondence, published papers and newspaper clippings, and research materials gathered by Diamantides on Aristides Phoutrides.

    In the area of periodicals, (MSS) C0907 consists of business records of Atlantis, a Greek language American newspaper published in New York City. Included are minutes of annual meetings of the Board of Directors (1920-1948); correspondence, particularly of Helene and Marie Vlasto; some photographs of its founder, Solon J. Vlasto; some issues of the newspaper; stock ledgers; and several issues of its offshoot magazine, the Monthly Illustrated Atlantis.

    The most recent, comprehensive survey is that published by Rebeka Lindau, "The Modern Greek Collections at Princeton University," in Journal of Modern Greek Studies (May 2008), 1-17. (Requires access to Project Muse to view on-line)

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