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  • Sebastian Gryphius Imprints Collection. (About 200 volumes, separately classed and arranged).
    Location designator: GRY

    Sebastian Gryphius was an early printer in Lyons, France who lived from 1493-1556. He seems to have begun printing in 1524. Upon his death, the press was continued by Françoise Miraillet and Antoine Gryphius until 1564. The 200 Princeton volumes are all printed in Latin. The books were evidently purchased from Libreria Cecchi in Florence and catalogued by the Library in April, 1912. The majority of the books come from the collection of Petrus Franciscus Manetti, Canonica Poenitentialis of Ravenna (cf. GRY 529. 01)

    There is a printed list of the books in the collection on pp. 3403 to 3406 of Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5 vol. 6]. [full text] The books are listed chronologically by date of imprint.

    See also: Henri Louis & Jules Baudrier. Bibliographie Lyonnaise. (Lyon: Librairie ancienne d'Auguste Brun, 1895-1921) [(F) Z145.L9 B3].

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