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  • Princeton owns over 250 volumes relating to the Japanese war crimes trials conducted by the International Military Tribunal following World War II. The actual transcripts of the trial proceedings, in which 28 high Japanese officials were accused of committing inhumane atrocities against the enemy, make up about one half of the collection. The entire collection is located at (at ReCAP for use in RBSC) 14101.222.491. Summations of the defense and prosecution as well as the analysis of the evidence are also included. Copies of the exhibits used in the trials are available in both Japanese and English. These exhibits consist of letters, official orders, meeting minutes, reports, and many other items, all of which account for over 40 volumes in the collection. Specific witnesses, exhibits, and areas in both the prosecution and defense cases are accessible by means of accompanying indexes.

    The Tokyo war crime trial: index and guide annotated, compiled and edited by R. John Pritchard and Sonia Magbanua Zaide. Project director, Donald Cameron Witt. New York: Garland, 1981-1987 [(PITN) JX5438.3 .P744 1981q].

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