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KIPLING, RUDYARD (1865-1936)

  • For particulars refer to: Howard C. Rice, Jr. "Into the hold of Remembrance" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXII, 3 (Spring, 1961) pp. 105-117 [full text]. This article describes the Kipling material in the Princeton University Library. The Collection first began in 1961 upon presentation of the Frank N. Doubleday and Nelson Doubleday Collection to the Library by the Doubleday family. The Kipling and Doubleday families had been lifelong personal friends.

    There was an exhibition of Kipling material held in 1965. See: Something of Kipling. 1865-1965. An Exhibition in the Princeton University Library. (Princeton, 1965) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 36]. [full text] This catalogue describes over 200 of the volumes in the Doubleday Kipling collection. Listed are many first editions as well as books about Kipling.

    Presentation and inscribed copies are described on pp. 86-88 of the Checklist of Rudyard Kipling Letters and Related Materials Forming Part of the Doubleday Collection in the Princeton University Library, compiled by Howard C. Rice (1961, revised in 1964). [Copy in the Manuscripts Division reference collection.]

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