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  • Language Writing Collection

    "The Language Writing Collection comprises approximately 1,200 items including books, pamphlets, magazines, broadsides, manuscripts, letters, and ephemera, presenting a rigorous and comprehensive survey of the most influential American avant-­garde literary development of the last 50 years. The Collection chronicles the group’s inception in the seventies, maturation in the eighties, and influence through the nineties and beyond, and provides the basis for in-­depth scholarly research in recent experimental poetry and poetics; literary production and community; and independent small press publishing. The work of nearly 50 poets central to Language Writing has been collected along with more than 50 runs of little magazines associated with the movement." -- From the Granary Books Prospectus.

  • Scribner's Magazine Volume 0018 Issue 3 (September, 1895) Title: Photography In Fiction - "Miss Jerry", The First Picture Play  [pp. 348-361] Author: Black, Alexander
  • Latin American Literature

    Use to retrieve collections of papers of Spanish-writing authors. Included are many of the leading literary figures of 20th-century Latin America, representing such diverse countries as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru. In addition to manuscript drafts of literary works, such as novels and poems, the collections are rich in personal correspondence with other contemporary writers, critics, and scholars.

  • Latin American studies

    The Princeton University Library has developed numerous collections of Latin American ephemera that are unique in their depth and scope.
    Privileging the popular voices of the region, the collections document numerous political and social movements, and a wide variety of key socioeconomic
    and cultural developments.

  • Legal history

    Collections date primarily from the 20th century and include the papers of lawyers, judges and legal scholars, and the records of organizations advocating for legal reform.

  • Text from
  • Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940. Joseph Crosby Lincoln. [New York: D. Appleton, 1926.]  Copy at
  • Literature

    Use to retrieve the widest set of collections related to literature regardless of language. Novelists, poets, critics, and publishers are well-represented.

  • Little Magazines, Post-1945

    New York School. Beats. Black Mountain. Black Arts. San Francisco Renaissance. Berkeley Renaissance. British Poetry Revival. TISH. Umbra. Cambridge School. Ganglia. Language. These names define Princeton’s collection of post-1945 little magazines—and post-1945 Anglophone poetry, more generally. The collection includes college quarterlies, mimeographed newsletters, underground journals, one-shot reviews, poetry comics, broadsides, and much more.

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