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  • A collection by and about this important political reformer, wood engraver, poet, and printer, who was active both in England and America.

    When first received, the collection wass divided into three parts. The first part was a gathering of more than 46 items arranged in three series together in one box and classed under one call number. The series are: I) material patently by W.J. Linton. II) items printed by Linton at his Appledore Press (New Haven, Conn.) and arranged according to the checklist prepared by R. Malcolm Sills in the Yale University Library Gazette, (vol. 12, 1938) and III) miscellaneous items published, distributed, or used by Linton and/or his sympathizers. The material in this box was printed mainly in London or New Haven between 1840 and 1897. Furthermore, its provenance includes ownership by William Wade Linton (son, born 1841) and Emily Wade Linton (wife of W.J.L.).

    Second, there were several runs of periodicals with which Linton was associated, such as his Republican Tracts and Occasional Tracts. These serials are separately catalogued.

    Finally, there were a group of separately catalogued pamphlets by such figures as Robert de Lamennais, Giuseppe Mazzini, James Watson, Richard Carlile, Julian Hibbert, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Wade. All such figures were associated with Linton as to his political sentiments. Evidently, Linton provided auspices for the publication of some of their works.


  • The W. J. Linton collection [(MSS) C0174] consists of 36 letters of Linton, with related correspondence and miscellaneous materials.

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