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  • Given by Mrs. F. Wallis Armstrong Jr., and reported in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIII, 3 (Spring, 1962) pp. 130-132 [full text]. This article gives much specific information about the individual editions in the collection.

    A copy of Alfred P. Lee's bibliography of Morley has been checked against Princeton holdings and may be consulted. See: Alfred P. Lee. A Bibliography of Christopher Morley. (New York: Doubleday Doran, 1935) [(ExB) 3866.5.059].

    Also for Princeton holdings of Morley see pp. 377-385 (section on Morley) in Merle Johnson's American First Editions (4th ed.) New York, 1942 [(ExB) 04703.501.22]

    For a collection of periodicals in which his works appeared, see the collection entitled Miscellaneous works by Christopher Morley, 1912-1962, which contains various journal issues [(at ReCAP for use in RBSC) PS507 .M67].

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