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  • Alpine Collection of J. Monroe Thorington '09

    Thorington's gifts have ranged from a 16th-century edition of the Swiss naturalist Konrad von Gesner to the most current publications of Alpine Clubs in North America and Europe. All aspects of the mountain regions are covered: human and natural history, literature, customs, and folklore. After World War I, Thorington's interest shifted from the Old to the New World, meaning that the Canadian Rockies and the New Mexico area are well represented.

    In 1968 the Library received 15 volumes dating from the 16th through the 19th century concerned largely with the history and customs of Switzerland and with mountaineering. Some highlights were:
          Thomas Coryate. Crudities. London, 1611 [(Ex) 3690.971.1611]
          Josias Simmler. Vallesiae Descriptio. Zurich, 1574 [(Ex) 1567.925.85]

    For particulars refer to J. Monroe Thorington, "Simler's 'Vallesiae Descriptio et de Alpibus Commentarius'" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXX, 2 (Winter, 1969) pp. 90-94 [full text] .

    See also: Alfred L. Bush, "Princeton Mountaineers" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 3 (Spring 1964) pp. 227-228 [ full text], which covers four former Princeton students who became serious mountaineers and book collectors.

    Also see: Biblia, Vol. V, no. 1 (February, 1934) pp. 2-3 [full text] for an article on the Henry F. Montagnier Collection.

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