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  • Optical Devices

    Optical Devices

    Beginning with the camera obscura and camera lucida, this collection includes over 50 examples of rare pre-cinema devices together with the prints and photographs made for their use including a megalethoscope, zograscope, zoetrope, praxinoscope, and more. Examples of transformation prints, panoramas, myriopticons, and other optical toys are also collected.

  • Armorial binding covering Ogier Ghislin de Busbecq, Legationis Turcicae epistolae quatuor. Frankfurt, A. Wechels Erben, C. de Marne et J. Aubry 1595. Call number (Ex) 1789.229.13.
  • Overseas Editions

    Overseas Editions, a second subsidiary of the Council on Books in Wartime, which was to publish, from New York, a series of books drawn mainly from titles in the current and backlists of major American publishers that were “intended  to reacquaint Europeans with the heritage, history, and fundamental makeup of the USA, plus a picture of our role in the war." (John Hench in History of the Book in America, vol. 5. p.190)

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