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Overseas Editions

Overseas Editions, a second subsidiary of the Council on Books in Wartime, which was to publish, from New York, a series of books drawn mainly from titles in the current and backlists of major American publishers that were “intended  to reacquaint Europeans with the heritage, history, and fundamental makeup of the USA, plus a picture of our role in the war." (John Hench in History of the Book in America, vol. 5. p.190)

  • A collection of books published by Overseas Editions, Inc is held in 6 boxes at call number (Ex) D810.P7U54 1944 (non-ordinary size). A typescript list of the contents is in box 1. Variously in English, French, German, and Italian; 2 copies of most editions.


    Box 1 authors: Hamilton Basso, Carl Becker, Stephen V. Benet, Catherine D. Bowen, Denis W. Brogan, Harry Brown, Eugene Burns, Gilbert Chinard.


    Box 2 authors: Henry S. Commager and Allan Nevins, Foster R. Dulles, Howard Fast.

    Box 3 authors: Fortune editors, J. C. Furnas, Joseph C. Grew, Ernest Hemingway, John Hersey, Rackham Holt, Donald Hough.

    Box 4 authors: Bernard Jaffe, Alfred Kazin, David E. Lilienthal, Walter Lippmann.

    Box 5 authors: George C. Marshall, Max Miller, Fletcher Pratt, Ernie Pyle, John D. Ratcliff, Constance Rourke, William Saroyan.

    Box 6 authors: Robert Sherrod, Lincoln Steffens, John Steinbeck, Henry L. Stimson, Robert Trumbull, Carl Van Doren, E. B. White.

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