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  • In 1958, the Library held an exhibition of Princeton authors (defined as authors who were living in Princeton during a productive period of their lives). The 132 authors featured are listed, described briefly, and the items representing each author at the exhibition are found in the Chronicle. For particulars refer to: Alfred L. Bush, "Literary Landmarks of Princeton" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIX, 1 (Autumn, 1967) pp.1-90. [full text]

    See the exhibition catalogue entitled Some Princeton Writers of the Twentieth Century: Original Manuscripts from the Library's Collections together with the Printed Books (Princeton, 1958) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 26] [full text].  Some 40 authors are listed, along with the items concerning that author which were displayed at the exhibition.

    Of further interest is the following: Nathaniel Burt, "The Princeton Novel: 1920-1978" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XL, 3 (Spring, 1979) pp. 215-233 [full text]. This article further develops an aspect of the 1967 exhibition. The author discusses the Princeton novel on the basis of the a.) Undergraduate Novel b.) Faculty Novel c.) Town Novel.

    Sequel to this article is his "A Genuine Princeton Literary Tradition" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XLVII, 3 (Spring, 1986) pp. 271-300 [full text] .

    See also: Maurice Coindreau, "Charles Godfrey Leland--Rabelaisian" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle I, 4 (June, 1940) pp. 16-26 [full text] . This article relates briefly the life of Leland, Princeton student and founder of the Rabelais Club (which had members like Victor Hugo, Henry James, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ronan, Longfellow, Turgenev, Thomas Hardy, Bret Harte, Henry Irving, and many others.) The Library has a remarkably complete group of books written by Leland.

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