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  • Princeton Borough Collection
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    About 300 volumes. A fair portion of the volumes are directories of the town of Princeton (city, street and telephone directories). The series of directories begins in 1887 and continues to the later 20th century. Besides the directories there are also genealogies relevant to the Princeton area, as well as histories, and religious writings.

    Both the Princeton Public Library and the Historical Society of Princeton have collections on Princeton borough and Princeton township.

    A list of a great part of the contents of the Princeton Borough Collection is found on p. 3343 of the Princeton University Library Classed List vol. 6 (Special Collections) (Princeton, 1920) [(ExB) 0639.7373.5]. [full text]

    In December 2007, the Library made available a digital facsimile of the sole recorded copy of a 1930s newspaper published in Princeton, titled The Local Express [PB 1184.73995e]. Follow these links for details: announcement about the digital facsimile; link to the facsimile.

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