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Publishing History

Princeton is noted for its archival holdings on American publishers and especially for the archives of Charles Scribner's Sons since the late 19th-century, including author files for some 2,500 other authors who worked with Maxwell Perkins and other editors. Largely complete as well are the archives of Henry Holt, John Day Company, Derrydale Press, Story Magazine, and the Quarterly Review of Literature.

  • The Manuscripts Division has strong holdings of American publishing archives, with special emphasis on author files of correspondence and related materials, chiefly 19th and 20th century. The largest and most complete archives is that of Charles Scribner's Sons, with author files for some 2,500 authors. The Manuscripts Division also holds some publishing archives for Henry Holt & Company, Harper & Brothers, John Day Publishing, Derrydale Press, Doubleday, George Braziller, G. P. Putnam, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, and Princeton University Press. Literary magazines are represented by The Hudson ReviewStory Magazine and Story Press, and the Quarterly Review of Literature. Publishing archives are complemented by the archives of American literary agencies, such as Harold Ober Associates and Brandt & Brandt.

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