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  • A collection of 71 guide books to Rome and Italy, given to the Library by Professor and Mrs. Eric Sjoqvist in 1969. (All are shelved in the Art Library as of 1983.) The books date from the early 16th century to the 19th century. Eleven of the volumes date from the 16th century and include the following first editions: Bartolommeo Marliani. Antiquae Romae topographiae libri septem. (1534). Lucio Fauno. Della antichita della citto di Roma. (1548). Pirro Ligorio. Delle antichita di Roma. (1553). All are recorded in the Library's online catalogue under the call number (SAX) XB85.0001 to --.0071.

    The collection is invaluable for the study of the monuments and topography of both classical and post-classical Rome. The volumes also provide a survey of the growth of historical and archaeological knowledge of the city, and even a thorough history of the concept of the guidebook.

    Most of the volumes are illustrated and show the use of vedute and maps in book illustration. For particulars refer to: David R. Coffin, "Mirabilia Romae" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) pp. 173-175 [full text].

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