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SPENSER, EDMUND (1552?-1599)

  • To supplement Spenser material already in the Library, Professor Charles G. Osgood's collection of some fifty works by Spenser and relating to his works and times has been received by the Library.

    The gift includes Osgood's annotated set of the variorum Spenser; two copies of The Faerie Queene (London, 1590, 1596); eight exemplars of early 17th-century folio editions of The Faerie Queene and the following: Colin Clouts Come Home Againe, London, 1595; Fowre Hymnes, London, 1596; Complaints. Containing Sundrie Small Poemes of the Worlds Vanitie, London, 1591; The Shepheards Calender, London, 1579.

    For particulars refer to: Thomas P. Roche Jr., "The Spenser Collection of Charles Grosvenor Osgood" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIX, 1 (Autumn, 1967) pp. 91-101 [full text]. Also see Princeton University Library catalogue printed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene. (Princeton, 1990). The catalog was also issued in number 1 of volume LII of the Princeton University Library Chronicle. [ full text]

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