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  • Included in the Cyrus H. McCormick collection, the Thoreau volumes were collected by Calvin H. Greene, of Rochester, Michigan, a contemporary of Thoreau.

    The books include, in original cloth, the following. A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers. Boston, 1849. Two copies. Walden. Boston, 1854. Two copies. Letters to Various Persons. Boston, 1865. One copy.

    'Calvin Greene, of Rochester, Michigan, annotated his personal, 1854 copy of Walden. On 30 May 1897 he transcribed onto the blank pages at the end of that book his earlier diary accounts of twice visiting Concord.' For a transcription see Thoreau Society Bulletin, no. 243-244 (2003) [full text for 243] [full text for 244].

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