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  • The Robert F. Metzdorf Collection
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    About 700 volumes, the first gift of which was in 1961-62. For particulars refer to: Robert F. Metzdorf, "Victorian Book Decoration" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXIV, 2 (Winter, 1963) pp. 91-99 [ full text].

    Also see: Princeton University Library Chronicle XXXII, 3 (Spring, 1971) p. 187 [full text], describing 25 additional examples of English, Scottish, and American cloth bindings of the latter half of the 19th century added to the collection.

    Available [here] is a PDF of 190 pages of handwritten descriptions of the books prepared by Robert Metzdorf.

    There are two special card files available for this collection. One lists names of binders and designers whose work is in the collection and the other lists special types of Victorian bindings, such as "papier mâché."

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