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Wilson, Woodrow (1856-1924)

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) had a long and distinguished career at Princeton University as a student, professor, and as the institution's thirteenth president. Wilson came to Princeton from Wilmington, North Carolina, in the fall of 1875 after spending a year studying at Davidson College. 

  • Woodrow Wilson Collection
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    About 1000 volumes. Evidently begun in 1924, as a memorial to Wilson after his death. For particulars refer to: Henry W. Bragdon, "The Woodrow Wilson Collection" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle VII, 1 (November, 1945) pp. 6-18 [full text] . The collection includes all of Wilson's major writings, a remarkably complete file of his magazine articles, reports of addresses, and printed public papers. All or nearly all biographies of him in English as well as a number of memoirs of men who knew him. Also a variety of books in which Wilson or the public problems with which he dealt figure prominently. According to the New York Times (29 December 1925, p. 4) the collection was "started by the library authorities shortly after Mr. Wilson's election as Governor of New Jersey...." See also: Alexander P. Clark, "The Woodrow Wilson Collection. A Survey of Additions since 1945" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 3 (Spring, 1956) pp. 173-182 [full text] . Important additions have been made in all categories: books, pamphlets relating to Wilson, as well as sheet music, campaign literature, cartoons, etc. About 250 Wilson items are described in the catalogue of an exhibition held in 1956: "Woodrow Wilson. Catalogue of an Exhibition in the Princeton University Library Commemorating the Centennial of his Birth" in the Princeton University Library Chronicle XVII, 3 (Spring, 1956) pp. 113-162 [full text] . A number of the books in the WW Collection came from the library of Ray Stannard Baker. The Baker papers [(MUDD) MC004] include personal papers of Baker and papers collected at the Peace Conference at Paris, 1918-1919, early printings of the Covenant and Treaty, as well as mimeographed reports, proceedings, and memoranda from the American Commission for Peace.

    See also the catalogue: Woodrow Wilson: An Exhibition in the Princeton University Library Commemorating the Cententenial of his Birth (February 18 through April 15, 1956) [(ExB) 0639.739 no. 20] [full text].

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