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  • A collection of 21 volumes was obtained in the 1960s and included a copy of Lyrical Ballads (1798) [(Ex) 3997.361.13]. For particulars see the Princeton University Library Chronicle XXV, 2 (Winter, 1964) pp. 171-2 [full text] and XXVIII, 3 (Spring, 1967) p. 198 [full text]. Of particular interest in the Wordsworth holdings is his Poetical Works published by Moxon in 1836-37 [(Ex) 3997.1836a]. This copy has autograph corrections and emendations on page proof and others texts of his poems. This copy as well contained eight original manuscripts of complete poems in Wordsworth's hand. ("A Character," "If thou indeed derive thy light from Heaven," "O flower of all that springs from gentle blood...," "To the Moon," "To the Moon (Rydal)," "True is it that Ambrosio Salinero...," "Upon seeing a colored drawing of the Bird of Paradise in an Album," and "Weep not, beloved friends! Nor let the air . . ." These were removed from the set and put in the holdings of the Manuscript Division where they are shelved in collection number C1295.

    The Taylor Collection has Keat's presentation copy of his Poems (1817) to Wordsworth as well as other notable Wordsworth books.

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