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The Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity Library Chron­i­cle is the best intro­duc­tion to the his­tory and holdings of the Depart­ment of Rare Books and Spe­cial Col­lec­tions. For an intro­duc­tion to Philip Ash­ton Rollins role in the form­ation of the Friends of the Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity Library and the Chron­i­cle, see Rollins’s Friends and the PULC.  

Three issues in par­tic­u­lar pro­vide a very thor­ough intro­duc­tion to the his­tory of the Prince­ton Col­lec­tions of West­ern Americana: Volume IX, Num­ber 4 includes several articles honoring Rollins and the Rollins Collection, while Vol­ume XXXIII, Num­ber 1 provides a summary of the Western Americana Collections up to the year 1971.  In 2006, Vol­ume LXVII, Num­ber 2, was issued in honor of Alfred L. Bush, Princeton’s first Cura­tor of West­ern Amer­i­cana.   

Below is a chrono­log­i­cal list, with PDF down­loads, of all the major arti­cles per­tain­ing to West­ern Amer­i­cana hold­ings at Prince­ton.  The list does not include “Library Notes Queries” or “New & Notable” entries.   The Chron­i­cle is also key­word search­able at the fol­low­ing URL:

Bib­lia, Vol­ume 1, Num­ber 1, 1930.  Avail­able online.

“Walt Whitman’s Notes of His West­ern Trip.” (Whitman's Notes have been fully digitized for inclusion in the Princeton University Digital Library.)

Vol­ume VI, Num­ber 4, 1945. Avail­able online.

Brayer, Her­bert O. “The Pliny Fisk Col­lec­tion of Rail­road and Cor­po­ra­tion Finance.”

Vol­ume IX, Num­ber 4, 1948.  Avail­able online.

Dodds, Harold. “Philip Ash­ton Rollins ’89.”

Bent­ley, Esther Felt. “A Con­ver­sa­tion with Mr. Rollins.”

Streeter, Thomas W.  “The Rollins Col­lec­tion of West­ern Americana.”

Cle­land, Robert Glass.  “The Writ­ings of Philip Ash­ton Rollins.”

Vol­ume X, Num­ber 1, 1948.  Avail­able online.

Wain­wright ’89, Alexan­der D.  “From Colum­bus to J. C. Adams: Notable Amer­i­cana in the McCormick Collection.”

Vol­ume XI, Num­ber 1, 1949. Avail­able online.

Pen­rose, Boies. “The Grenville Kane Americana.”

Vol­ume XII, Num­ber 2, 1951.  Avail­able online.

FPUL. “Philip Ash­ton Rollins ’89.” (Obituary)

Vol­ume XXX, Num­ber 3, 1969.  Avail­able online.

Ortiz, Alfonso.  “A Uniquely Amer­i­can Legacy.”

Vol­ume XXXIII, Num­ber 1, 1971. Avail­able online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “The Prince­ton Col­lec­tions of West­ern Americana.”

Frantz, Joe B.  “The Sam Hous­ton Let­ters: A Cor­ner of Texas.”

Boyd, E.  “The First New Mex­ico Imprint.”

Andrews, Thomas F.  “Ho! For Ore­gon and Cal­i­for­nia!”: An Anno­tated Bib­li­og­ra­phy of Pub­lished Advice to the Emi­grant, 1841–1847.

FPUL.  “Amer­i­can Indian Peri­od­i­cals in the Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity Library.”

Brodie, Fawn M.  “A Let­ter from the Camp of Israel, 1846.”

Vol­ume XXXIV, Num­ber 1, 1972.  Avail­able online.

Rothrock, O. J.  “The San Fran­cisco of Alfred Pioche and Charles Meryon.”

Vol­ume XXXIV, Num­ber 3, 1973.  Avail­able online.

Way­land, Vir­ginia.  “Princeton’s Apache Play­ing Cards.”

Vol­ume XXXV, Num­ber 3, 1974.  Avail­able online.

Jett, Stephen.  “The Jour­nals of George C. Fraser ’93: Early Twentieth-Century Trav­els in the South and Southwest.”

Vol­ume XXXVII, Num­ber 1, 1975. Avail­able online.

Ben­son, Eliz­a­beth.  “The Quipu: ‘Writ­ten’ Texts in Ancient Peru.”

Thor­ing­ton, J. Mon­roe.  “A Cycle of Time.”

Vol­ume XXXVII, Num­ber 2, 1976.  Avail­able online.

Mar­shall, Jr., Gor­don M.  “Amer­i­cana in the Scheide Library: Adven­tures of a Novice.” (Eliot Indian Bible and Eliot Indian tracts)

Vol­ume XLI, Num­ber 2, 1980.  Avail­able online.

Fer­gu­son, Stephen.  Friends of the Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity Library, 1930–1980: A Pho­to­graphic Essay.” (Brief his­tory illus­trat­ing Rollins’s impor­tance in the for­ma­tion of the Friends of the Prince­ton Uni­ver­sity Library).

Vol­ume XLII, Num­ber 1, 1980.  Avail­able online.

Craw­ley, Peter.  “Joseph Smith and A Book of Com­mand­ments.”

Bush, Alfred L.  “A Quo­rum Called Out of the King­dom.”  (Library Notes: Exhibition)

Vol­ume XLIV, Num­ber 3, 1983. Avail­able online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “First and Sec­ond Tongue: Nine Spanish-Speaking Peo­ples in Amer­ica.” (Library Notes: Exhibition)

Vol­ume XLV, Num­ber 1, 1983. Avail­able online.

Heas­ton, Michael D.  “Dou­ble Decep­tion: Lester Har­grett and His Indian Treaties.”

Vol­ume XLIX, Num­ber 1, 1987.  Avail­able online.

Deverell, William F.  “The Return of Blue Lake to the Taos Pueblo.”

Vol­ume XLIX, Num­ber 3, 1988.  Avail­able online.

Gui­mond, James K.  “The ‘Van­ish­ing Red’: Pho­tographs of Native Amer­i­cans at Hamp­ton Institute.”

Vol­ume LII, Num­ber 3, 1991.  Avail­able online.

Mul­der, William.  “Den­mark and the Mor­mons: The Jor­gen W. Schmidt Collection.”

Vol­ume LIII, Num­ber 3, 1992.  Avail­able online.

Tyler, Ron.  “Alfred Jacob Miller’s The Indian Guide.”

Vol­ume LXIV, Num­ber 2, 2003.  

Sayre, Gor­don.  “‘Aza­kia,’ Ouabi, and Sarah Went­worth Apthorp Mor­ton: A Romance of the Early Amer­i­can Repub­lic.”  Avail­able online.

Jacoby, Karl.  “Of Mem­ory and Mas­sacre: A Soldier’s First­hand Account of the ‘Affair on Wounded Knee.’”  Avail­able online.

Vol­ume LXVII, Num­ber 2, 2006.  

Aron, Stephen.  “The West­ern Man in the East­ern Par­lor: Alfred Bush and the Prince­ton Col­lec­tion of West­ern Amer­i­cana.” Avail­able online.

Pohl, John M. D. and Javier Urcid Ser­rano.  “A Zapotec Carved Bone.” Avail­able online.

Reese, William S.  “Brand Books in the Prince­ton Col­lec­tions of West­ern Amer­i­cana.”Avail­able online.

Fabian, Ann.  “A Native Among the Head­hunters.” Avail­able online.

Sandweiss, Martha.  “A Stereo­scopic View of the Amer­i­can West.” Avail­able online.

Shan­non, Heather A.  “Pho­tographs of the 1862 Sioux Revolt: From National Sen­sa­tion to Ethno­graphic Doc­u­men­ta­tion.” Avail­able online.

Gid­ley, Mick.  “The Mak­ing of Edward S. Curtis’s The North Amer­i­can Indian.” Avail­able online.

Luck, Owen.  A Wit­ness at Wounded Knee, 1973.” Avail­able online.

Treuer, Anton.  “Full Cir­cle: From Dis­in­te­gra­tion to Revi­tal­iza­tion of Otter­skin Bag Use in Great Lakes Tribal Cul­ture.” Avail­able online.

Rosier, Paul.  “The Asso­ci­a­tion on Amer­i­can Indian Affairs and the Strug­gle for Native Amer­i­can Rights, 1948–1955.” Avail­able online.

Cobb, Daniel M.  “Indian Pol­i­tics in Cold War Amer­ica: Par­al­lel and Con­tra­dic­tion.” Avail­able online.

Bush, Alfred L.  “Otter­skins, Eagle Feath­ers, and Native Amer­i­can Alumni at Prince­ton.”Avail­able online.

Vol­ume LXX, Num­ber 3, 2009.  

Bar­ber, Ian.  “Dream Mines and Reli­gious Iden­tity in Twentieth-Century Utah: Insights from the Nor­man C. Pierce Col­lec­tion.” Avail­able online.

Volume LXXIV, Number 1, 2012.

Lockley, Philip. "Washington F. Anderson: Doctor, Gold Rusher, Mormon." Available online

Vol­ume LXXV, Num­ber 2, 2014.  

Swift, Gabriel. “Photography and the Princeton Collections of Western Americana." Available online

Vol­ume LXXV, Num­ber 3, 2014.  

Fraga, Sean. “Native Americans, Military Science, and Ambivalence on the Pacific Railroad Surveys, 1853-1855." Available online