Office of Finance and Administration

Maintenance Requests

Maintenance requests should be directed to your department head's administrative assistant. This person will submit the request to Building Services. Work that is billable to your department must be approved by the department head prior to submission.

Instructions for Administrative Assistants

Your department staff should direct their maintenance requests to you. Routine, non-billable tasks should be entered directly in the Facilities Department Online Work Order Request Form. Examples of non-billable maintenance include custodial services, pest control and routine care of lighting, heating and ventilation systems, doors, windows, ceiling, walls, etc.

Non-routine, billable tasks must be approved by your department head prior to submission. The request should then be directed to Maria DiFalco in the Office of Finance and Administration. Billable tasks include changes to existing building structure and systems, such as custom cabinetry work, furniture repair and installations of equipment, sign or nameplates. More information about billing guidelines is available on the Facilities Department website.


When entering information in the online work order form, use each box only for its intended purpose. The scheduling box should only be used for scheduling, the summary box only for a brief summary of the job, etc.

Some requests should always go directly to Maria: telephone, voicemail and long distance set-up; key requests; moving request; and surplus.  To make a request, please click here.

For More Information Contact:

Maria DiFalco