Office of Finance and Administration

Buying and Selling


The Office of Finance and Administration is the Library's central purchasing and accounts payable office. Purchases of anything other than acquisitions must be routed through the office. Staff are not authorized to bind the University into any agreement with external parties.

Princeton Prime is the University's portal for buying and paying. The majority of everyday purchases will be made though the new Prime Marketplace. All staff have access to the Prime Marketplace and can place orders for routine supplies. When you choose items from a catalog in the Prime Marketplace, you will assign your cart to your AUL Administrative Assistant or Requisition Creator. The Requisition Creator uses the cart information and any other information you provided to create a requisition in Prime Financials. The Requisition Creator will add ChartField information along with any additional information necessary to complete the requisition.  Unless you are a Requisition Creator, you do not need to know the ChartFields.  The requisition automatically routes to the appropriate Approver.

All requests for systems/computer related purchases should be routed to Tracy Hall.  Request for products and services not available in the Marketplace should be directed to your AUL Administrative Assistant or the Office of Finance and Administration.

If you do not have access to PeopleSoft and require it, please contact Dina Conte.


The Office of Finance and Administration is responsible for receiving and depositing revenue collected at all Library service points.  Service points that collect money for fines, fees, or products must use the system to record all transactions, unless a different system which has been approved by the Finance and Administration Office is in place.  To set up the system at your location and to receive training, please contact the Finance and Administration Office.  All service points must follow the Library Revenue Collection policies.


For More Information Contact:

Dina Conte